Friday, 20 February 2009

So pleased its Friday!

I am exhausted this week as I haven't been sleeping well due to stress about work so I am very glad it is the weekend. Things have been upsetting me there quite a lot recently and it is hard to let go of that and just enjoy family life in the evenings. Alex hasn't been sleeping very well either and so he is exhausted poor lad, especially after a day of playing at nursery. I put him in his cot while I cleared the bathroom ready for his bath and found him like this, all tired out and ready for bed. He perked up a bit and had a great splash around in his bath before story time and then peacefully to bed.
Crafting wise I have joined in with a 'fatbook page with ATC' swap whereby you have to send everyone in the swap a decorated page (3.5x4.5inches) that has a pocket on it and an ATC in the pocket. This means I have to make 8 of them which is why I was a little hesitant about joining in. However, I have now managed to make the 8 pages..these are the fronts with the pockets of two of them (they are all the same with just slight colour variations). The pockets were made with celephane wrapping from my flowers!
The backs have used backing paper images from Joanna Sheen in two different colours. Each trading card will have a different image although the same layout, all following the vintage ladies theme...I hope to make those this weekend. I would love to know what you think and in the meantime have a great weekend.

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