Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Finding things tough.

It has been a tricky week so far, what with another couple of inches of snow falling over the past few days and ice on the roads meaning journeys to work took ages and a difficult situation to deal with at work, making me really struggle to enjoy it at the moment. Alex is getting another cold which means he doesn’t want to eat, isn’t sleeping well and is more fractious than normal. All in all I just want to act like an Ostrich...stick my head in a hole until it all gets better! Sadly life isn’t like that and things must go on. Despite Alex’s cold we have had fun this week as he has discovered my keyboard and absolutely loves thumping away on it and likes it when I play (badly!). Bath-times are a firm favourite with him at the moment (huge amounts of splashing and giggles) and getting ready for bed is hilarious as Tim and Alex have developed a series of silly games which make Alex laugh immensely. Story time before bed has always been a bit hit and miss depending on Alex’s mood, but recently he has developed a liking for certain stories (the Gruffalo is the current favourite). What is really sweet is now when I pray with him before putting him to bed he has started to say ‘Amen’, which I just love. Crafting wise I decided that it was high time I made some ATCs. These ones all used a little book rescued from the bin at work and the insert to a Christmas box of chocolates. The book is by Jessica Walker and is 2inches square and came with a box of chocolates. I decided to take the pages with the fun sayings out of the book and put them on ATCs together with images of chocolates. I would love to know what you think of this piece of recycling. Finally I made another scrapbook page of Alex playing with his ball last summer. The papers and card are a mixture of K&Co, Bazzil and Basic Grey. The layout follows sketch #121 from Pencil Lines, and the peel-off footballs were a gift from Kath. Un surprisingly the layout is entitled ‘My Ball’. The journaling reads ‘Alex was so excited when Tim bought him his first football. He carried it around everywhere, hugging it, dropping it, pushing it along the ground and squealing with delight, generally having a wonderful time, although he wasn’t so sure about kicking it. June 2008’ .I hope you are all having a better week than me.


Heather Bradley said...

Well out of a family of 6, I am the only one that hasn't got the flu, so I can totally relate :0)
I am bound to get it though because Alyssa insists that only mummy can cuddle her and she keeps sneezing and coughing on me!
Hope your weekend is better that your week has been, Caro :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

LazyKay said...

Lovely layout - hope Alex's cold comes and goes quickly - if it comes at all. The only reassuring thing is that they say the more colds they get, the better their immune system develops (not much comfort at the moment tho'!)