Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Crazy work

Work is a bit crazy at the moment what with writing grants, running experiments, supervising students, writing lectures for teaching, and starting to write a review article, so it is lovely to come home in the evenings to a happy playful boy. Alex has been on great form and over the past few days we have played with trains, cars, duplo, footballs, my keyboard and general chase games all to the accompaniment of many giggles. He is using his favourite sentence all the time now - ‘That’s a car/wall/bus/bib etc’ echoes round the house at regular intervals. He also tells me very firmly that ‘Daddy’s sleep’, which is very cute, if not always accurate! Crafting wise I seem to have joined in with a lot of swaps recently so am making a concerted effort to catch up with them hence making two fatbook pages for the angel swap. I am afraid that the two are identical as I didn’t manage to come up with anything original, but I am quite pleased with the way that the Sakura stardust pen has added sparkles and interest to the wings...not sure how well it shows up on the photo. The text reads 'In the still, quiet moments we can hear the angels whisper'.
I have also managed to finish my bamboo tiles for Lotties swap. I added interest to the printed images with the Sakura stardust pen and then varnished the tiles before adding beads and turning them into pendants. I don’t have any appropriate leather cord for the necklace parts of the pendants so hope that they will be OK for the swap like this. I couldn’t leave the backs undecorated so they look like this. They were so much fun to make and really do look effective as pendants. I can feel a new obsession coming on and can’t wait to play with some more! Have a good week everyone.


Momiji said...

I love the bamboo tiles you have made ..they will make lovely gifts

Lazykay said...

The angel pages are lovely as is the quote (I love words as you know).

BUT those tiles, wow - they are really beautiful - you've made a great job of them - put mine to shame.