Sunday, 1 February 2009


...Alex has started to say Mummy! I am so pleased as last week he started to call me Caro which I didn't like, but today he actually said Mummy on several occasions. OK so it sounded a bit like 'Mimmy' but it is a good start. We have had a good weekend as a family what with shopping, tidying, hoovering, cutting hair and playing. Yesterday Alex and I went for a very cold trip to the park. He loved clambering around on the climbing frame and running in the playing field. We came home a bit early because it was so cold.
Today we went to visit my PhD supervisor and had a hillarious time playing with her Wii fit (I wan't very good and kept coming out with 'unbalanced' as my results!) and 'wobble machine' - a machine that basically shakes you around and gives you a work out without you doing much. Alex loved playing in the garden despite the fact that it began to snow heavily while we were out there. He had a go on the trampoline with my help, but couldn't decide whether or not he liked it!
My nature photo for the weekend is of some heather in a neighbours garden...I was playing with the close up setting on the camera and was quite pleased with the result of this photo.
Crafting wise I started a project that I have been thinking about for over 12 altered book. I have seen examples of them on the web, but never quite got round to having a go. I picked up this hardbacked book in a charity shop for £1 and have started altering it. What kickstarted the project was a couple of articles by Jane Dean in Scrapbook and Papercraft Inspirations magazines. In there she recommended some gel medium and an on-line shop which sells little packs to help you get started. Well mine arrived on Friday so I couldn't wait to play.
This is the first page of the book, the theme of which will be nature. The background paper is K&Co and I have added paint round the edges, the corner stamps are Purple Onion and the little nature stamps are from StampsAway. I then added the images that came from my starter pack and from a British Isles nature book I picked up in the charity shop for £1.25. Not bad for a first attempt, but I would love to know what you think. Have a great week everyone.

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LazyKay said...

That's lovely. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

How has Alex enjoyed his first snow experience - well the first one of his walking life anyway?