Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow and spring cleaning part 2!

Well what a strange week it has been. Despite it starting to snow on Sunday we really didn't have a great deal on Monday morning, about 1inch so I went to work without difficulty. It was a good if hectic day, but the snow kept falling on and off all morning and then really set in in the afternoon. They stopped the busses at lunchtime, but I didn't leave until normal time and had no real difficulties getting home. Although, as it kept snowing ,this was the view from Alex's bedroom window as I put him to bed on Monday evening...a fair amount of snow!
It was on Tuesday morning that the fun started as we woke up to over 6 inches of snow! I was supposed to be going to Birmingham to give a seminar but for several reasons (no nursery, dodgy trains etc) decided to cancel it. I hated making that decision but it turned out to be the right one as the trains back to Sheffield ended up being cancelled.

As a result I worked from home during the day while Tim looked after Alex and in my lunch break we all went outside and played in the snow as a family.
It was too deep for Alex to walk so he kept falling over, which he wasn't too impressed with.
He was much happier on the patio where it was firm under foot and we could stamp down the snow, but got frustrated with the fact that he couldn't move his car.
He did like going into the 'snow house'...his wigwam which was covered with snow.. and helped me build a snowman. This is the final snowman complete with a twig mouth and leaf eyes!
I absolutely loved being outside as it wasn't too cold or too wet but perfect with the sun out and the trees looking beautiful.
Today they had the gritters and snow ploughs out so Alex could go to nursery and it was my day off for the second half of the spring clean. It is amazing how much dust can accumulate behind/under a bed...yuk! I competely blitzed our bedrooms and bathroom...the only place I failed to tidy properly is our study which is like a black hole. There is so much stuff in there that I don't know where to will need at least a complete day to itself for organising and I will have to tackle it another time. Alex has been great fun all this week and this evening has to have been his wettest bathtime ever. I was soaked, but he was having a great time! Not managed to do much crafting over the past few days as I was experimenting with a valentines day present for Tim and it turned into a complete, un-rescuable disaster and was thrown in the bin. The only crafting I have to show you is the next double page spread of my altered book. This one I painted with acrylic paint so you can still see the text, then added patterned paper, thread, flowers, butterflies (paper and stickers) and the phrase 'The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough'. I would love to know what you think. Have a great week everyone.


Sally said...

Great pictures Caro, Alex certainly looks as though he is enjoying the snow. Love the snowman you have both made.

Momiji said...

love the snow pics! they will make a fun layout. and the altered pages are gorgeous with the little verse.

Allison said...

great snow piccies Caro

LazyKay said...

You're getting on really well with that book - I'm loving seeing the pages grow.

What great snow pictures! I love the effect the snow's had on the wig wam! So nice to have some proper snow for Alex to experience.


Anonymous said...

Great pisc of Alex enjoying the snow...Caroline73cmpc