Sunday, 8 February 2009

Great fun!

I have had such fun this weekend! When I went shopping yesterday I found a sledge in the local hardware store for £7.50 and decided to pick it up as the snow was still fairly deep around us. I am so glad that I did because Alex loved it. I'm not sure what he enjoyed most, sitting on it and being pulled around by me, or pulling it himself.
The huge grins, and shouts of 'Slej' and 'Wheee!' as we went round the park and across the fields spoke for themselves.
For my nature photography this weekend I tried to capture the bird prints in the snow, but the camera couldn't cope with focussing in all that white so I am not sure how well they turned out.
Despite the sunny day yesterday the hills were still looking beautiful and white, and we still had lots of snow. This photo was taken as the sun was just peeping out from behind the clouds as it was beginning to set.
We went out to the park again today and although Alex wasn't impressed that the climbing frame was too slippery for him to cope with, and he fell over twice bumping his head quite hard, he did enjoy being pulled around on the sledge again. I am now exhausted!
I wouldn't be surprised if Alex was tired as well because he wanted to walk all the way back from the park himself pulling his sledge.
It has also been a good weekend crafting wise as I have finished off the board book I have been converting for Tim's valentine's present. This is the next page using free paper from a magazine, K&Co paper for the corners and words, Making memories stickers for the 'Discover' and 'adventure' statements and Purple Onion stamps.
The next page used K&Co paper and some vintage paper (don't know where from), gold peel-offs, heart stickers and rub-ons from the Wedding set by E-Z (a kind gift from Kath).
This is the final page, again using K&Co papers and words, Purple Onion and Stamps Away stamps and gold peel-offs.
This is the cover of the book which I first covered in white paper and then put the patterned red mulberry paper on the top. I then stamped the bird images from the latest CMPC magazine and a triple embossed and stamped heart from the same set of stamps. I would love to know what you think of this.
I always give Tim a box of chocolates for Valentines, but saw instructions for an origami box so decided to give it a go and will be filling it with chocolates. I made the box in green as it is Tim's favourite colour and then I decorated it with an embossed card and heart.
Finally I made a very quick and simple packet of sweets using an ATC cover, red card embossed using my cuttlebug and a gold peel-off. I would love to know what you think of this and the other crafting projects I have done this weekend. In the meantime have a great week everyone.


Sally said...

Looks like you've had a fun day with Alex Caro. I bet you all sleep well tonight. Your altered book looks fantastic and the box that you have made for Tim.

Momiji said...

your book is fantstic and so is the little origami box..I love it! must try this...

LazyKay said...

Lovely photos of Alex in the snow - the joy on his face! Love the photo of the footprints too.

Great pages for your book - you've really put this treasure together very quickly.

Love the box and YUM to the sweets!


Becky aka HyperHeavenly said...

Its really lovely Caro, I wish I had half your talent, your work always inspires me xx

Tassy said...

I really love all these projects.I have to say that I was well impressed with your see through packet of sweets....very cute.You have inspired me to do something like this for hubby:)