Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Second Christmas!

Well we did manage to make it to London as Alex's eye was no worse in the morning and is now looking almost normal, praise God! We got up at crack of dawn and arrived there after 3.5 hours travelling non-stop in the car (fortunately Alex had a little nap and so coped with it OK). When we arrived at my brothers, my parents and Gran were already there so we had a lovely time drinking Champagne and chatting while the boys played with all Daniels toys. It was lovely to see Gran there enjoying the fun.After a delicious lunch it was time for present opening amidst much chaos and excitement from Alex and Daniel (Dad and Gran look rather serious here!). Daniel and Alex passed the presents round and enjoyed opening their own (here is Daniel with his parents in the background)Eventually my parents and Gran left for their train and we gave the boys their supper followed by an extremely wet bathtime and stories before bed. Today we had breakfast in our pyjamas and then headed out for a walk in the rain like the good English people we all are! It was rather wet but at least gave us all some much needed fresh air (even if Alex decided he didn't want to walk very much). On the way back we bumped into Nel's sister so went to her house for coffee which was lovely as I haven't seen her for ages. We then went back to Andy and Nel's and sat the boys in front of the Tigger movie while we cooked lunch and then after lunch it was back into the car for a rather horrid journey home (the weather was nasty and the traffic was heavy). Although it was an exhausting trip it was lovely and so special to spend time with them all before the new baby arrives (due in two weeks!). Have a great rest of the week everyone and enjoy your New Year celebrations.

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LazyKay said...

What gorgeous photos and how lovely to see your Gran looking so happy and well after her awful year.

I love the photo of the boys with you where you're reading to them especially! What a treasure of memories you collected.