Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow and Christmas holiday!

Well we woke up yesterday morning to snow! I couldn't believe it. Alex was so excited and got really upset when it stopped snowing as he wanted 'Biggen piles of snow'. For some reason he isn't sleeping well again so is quite tired making for tricky moments in the evenings, although these party trumpets are considered to be great fun. Today was his nursery carol concert...he has been practicing Christmas songs since October, but when it came to it he sang the first song nicely including the actions (jumping up and down in the bumpy sleigh) and then burst into tears when everyone clapped (he still hates loud noises) and spent the rest of the concert on my lap, although he did sing the last song! I did manage to finish most of my grant stuff before Christmas which was a great relief, and the Research meeting I organised today went well which was good. It was followed by our Christmas lunch which was great fun. I now feel that I am ready for the Christmas holidays and am looking forward to having a few days next week for cleaning and the final arrangements. Crafting wise I have been making a couple of Christmas presents. This little pendant is for my boss who is a very elegant lady and tends to go for elegant simplicity in her jewellery. I hope she likes it! This necklace was for a friend who is into more funky and fun necklaces. I have never made pendents before so was pleased with how this came out (here is a close up of it). I hope you all have a great weekend.

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LazyKay said...

Lovely pendants. Enjoy your break.