Sunday, 14 October 2007

Busy weekend

It feels like it has been a busy weekend what with one thing and another. With me being back at work fulltime now I don't have the energy (or time) to do all the chores during the week which means that they get saved up for the weekend...not so much fun! Tim used to do a lot of them during the day while I was at work, but now he has the fulltime job of looking after Alex. Thus it was necessary for us to do loads of washing, washing up, cooking, cleaning, shopping, filing, and letter writing in order to catch up with life a bit. Adding looking after Alex to that little lot, things have been quite busy! Alex has kept us entertained...I had him laughing out loud this evening by trying to get him to clap his hands, and he keeps rolling over onto his tummy and then yelling because he gets frustrated with not being able to crawl. He has been really tired this weekend, mainly because he hasn't been sleeping properly during his nap times or at night. On Friday night he turned through 90 degrees in his cot and got his feet stuck out of the side and then yelled because he couldn't move or get comfortable. This happened three times during the course of the night - I hope he learns about this soon! Baby Chloe Keren Woodward - 15 days old!
Mother and Daughter share some time together
Big brother Robin and Daddy (David) get in on the act.

On Saturday Alex and I went to visit Julia and David. Julia is one of my best friends in Sheffield and I met her 10 years ago. She recently gave birth to a little girl called Chloe who we went to meet. Chloe was very good, wide awake and staring peacefully round the room. She has the most amazing amount of very dark hair. Her brother Robin (nearly 2) was on good form although he was a little shy initially. Sadly Alex became very grumpy part way through the visit due to tiredness and then screamed the place down so we decided that it would be best to come home. He fell asleep in the car on the way back, but then woke up after only 10 minutes although I knew he needed more sleep than that. Oh well the joys of stubborn babies! It was lovely to see them all if only briefly.
I have done a little crafting this weekend as I made this card for Julia using free papers from one of the magazines, ribbon, silver peel offs, holographic sparkle embossing powder, brown mica pigment powder, a template from Papercraft Inspirations and some buttons from my mothers button tin. The overall effect worked quite well and Julia loved it, which was nice as she was the person who got me back into crafting after a 10 year break.
I have also made two ATCs for the Alphabet swap as the next three letters (JKL) are due next weekend. The K is for King and for that I cut up the King of hearts card and mounted him on 3D foam over a gold letter K stuck to a red background embossed round the edge with gold.
The L is for leaves was great fun as it was entirely stamping. The background was stamped using two different mid sized leaf stamps using the Creola Spice Kaleidecolour ink pad and then a lighter colour card was chosen for the letter L and stamped using the same inks with the little HeroArts leaf stamps. Finally a skeleton leaf was mounted over the top. I am quite pleased with the effects of both of these ATCs and they are going in the post tomorrow in the hopes that they will get to Angela (the swap organiser) in time. It is time for Alex's bath so I must go. More soon.

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Momiji said...

lovely atcs for your alphabet swap... the leaves one has a lovely autumn feel.
I have two atcs to put in the post for you tomorrow.