Thursday, 4 October 2007

Its over!

My working week that is....I have the day off tomorrow to give me a lovely long weekend in which to celebrate my birthday and the celebrations kick off this evening with a take-away and a movie after we put Alex to bed. The past two work days have been busy with grant applications, studentship applications, catching up with colleagues I haven't seen since going on maternity leave, talking to sales reps (not my idea of fun), e-mailing, phoning and supervising students. In otherwords everything is back to normal, just as if I had never been away! I have to say that I am finding it more tiring, but that is probably because I am getting less sleep due to having to wake and feed Alex in the night. Alex has been so much fun in the evenings getting very excited when he sees me and wanting to play. His favourite game at the moment is the 'standing game' whereby I hold him above my lap and he stands up, taking his own body weight and then bounces while I hold him. It is better than a work out with weights for strenthening the arms and much more fun than a session at the gym. The other latest game is to sit him on the floor and try and get him to support himself in the sitting position...he can manage a few seconds before he begins to topple over, at which point I catch him and put him upright again. The continual theme of these games is to make him laugh as he has such an infectious laugh that just cracks me up. One of my favourite times is just after Alex's bath, when he is in his pyjamas and we have a cuddle and I read him a story before his bedtime feed. It is so lovely to cuddle him close and warm. I have been too tired to find inspiration for crafting in the past couple of days and am very much hoping that the promised 'crafty' birthday presents will provide fresh inspiration over the weekend. Must go now and give Alex his bedtime feed. More soon.

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