Friday, 19 October 2007

How Annoying!

Earlier this week when Tim was driving to fetch me from the hospital someone pulled out of the nearby nursery and straight into the side of our car. Fortunately neither car was travelling fast and no-one was injured in the prang (Alex wasn’t even remotely upset by it), but the damage to our car means that we have had to get the insurance people involved. It has taken the last three days to get things sorted out, and we wont get our car (bent & scratched passenger side front wing and scratched bumper – see photo) fixed until mid November. However, the positive thing is that the other driver admitted guilt and we had all her insurance details so we wont lose our no claims bonus and we are going to be supplied with a hire car for the entire time that our car is in the garage. It just seems to have taken up so much of our time getting it sorted out, leaving less time for playing with Alex or crafting. Most frustrating.
Endothelial (blood vessel) cells grown in the lab forming tubes representing early blood vessel formation.
Work has been hard going the past couple of days; mainly because Alex hasn’t been sleeping well leaving me rather sleep deprived. I have, however, managed to complete the grant application on wound healing and my boss is going to check through it before the submission deadline next Friday. This has left me free to concentrate on a second grant application; focussing on treatment combinations for colon and breast cancer. Avastin is a new FDA approved drug which is now being used in the clinic and my experimental work suggests that treating with a new peptide as well as Avastin may improve the anti-tumour effects of treatment. This work is still at an early stage and the aim is to get a grant to study this further in the hopes that it will improve the health of patients in the long term.
Alex has not been quite his usual happy self in the past few days. He hasn’t been sleeping properly for some unknown reason and is occasionally off his food. Wednesday night was the worst we have had with him in ages, poor little thing, as he didn’t want his night time feed and then wanted to stay awake and play so when he was put in his bed he was really noisey, and didn’t go to sleep for hours. As a result I am shattered. We are not quite sure what is wrong with him, as although he does have a bit of a cold, there are none of the usual signs of teething. Last night he screamed for 10 minutes in the early evening for no apparent reason, and cuddling (the usual cure) didn’t help, although feeding him did calm him eventually. In between his bouts of unhappiness and needing cuddles he has been his usual bright and bouncy self, chattering away to us, rolling over, giggling, and generally being great fun. He is not far off being able to sit up now…he managed it for about 15 seconds the other day. He actually finds it really funny to be put into a sitting position and to try and sit up then topple over…as he topples over (with me catching him) he laughs out loud.
As a result of everything that has been going on I haven’t had the chance to do any crafting over the past few days so hopefully this weekend will see me playing again, especially as I have a card to make by Monday! I will try and upload again over the weekend.

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LazyKay said...

Wow, your work sounds fascinating Caro. It must be so rewarding.

Re Alex's screaming 'do', don't worry - all babies do it - they don't need a reason.