Friday, 12 October 2007

Thank Goodness Its Friday!

I am so pleased that it is Friday, the end of the working week, as I am so in need of a break from thinking! Yes, my brain has officially fried. I have been working on different grants and manuscripts to do with breast cancer, wound healing, angiogeneis (blood vessel formation) and different proteins all week and it is time for a break. The embarassing thing about today was that there was an excellent seminar on hormone treatment of breast cancer (e.g. tamoxifen) and I fell asleep during it...I had to go and apologise to the speaker embarassing!
Although work is exhausting, the evenings are proving to be lovely. We have a great routine that meets all of our needs and wants. I come home and play with Alex for about 45 minutes before he goes into his nighttime routine including feeding before bed. I just love these playtimes...we do all sorts of different things. I sing to him, play the bouncing game, tickle him (he isn't ticklish, but he likes being touched), play the mimic game, pass him different toys and encourage him to try sitting up and rolling over. We also have lots of cuddles and I read stories to him to calm him down just before his bedtime feed. After he has gone to bed I have about an hour to do things for me, whether it is crafting, phoning family members, being on the computer etc before it is time to get our evening meal on. Tim and I then have the rest of the evening as 'our' time eating our dinner, watching television shows that we are both interested in, chatting and reading.
I have only done a little crafting over the past few days as instead I have spent time catching up with friends over the phone and on the forum. I have also put up 4 sets of ATCs for swaps on the CMPC forum, it will be interesting to see how many of them go and which ones are the most popular. I did make a card yesterday evening with one of the floral letter ATCs as the main panel. It worked really well and is a card for my Mother who has severely hurt her was so bad last week that she was in hospital. She is out now thank goodness, but needs to take things easy for a while...easier said than done for a lady who is more active than anyone I know!
What with the postal strikes cards have been backing up in the post and so over the past two days I have received two more birthday cards, both from people on the CM&PC forum and this lovely, unusual ATC entitled 'Texture' from Linda Brunton. This is a very 'touchy feely' sort of ATC with lots of interest in the form of different colours, textures and glitter. Wonderful stuff.

Time for me to put on our tea, More soon,

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