Sunday, 28 October 2007

How many different things...

...can you do in one weekend? This weekend the answer is loads. Before Alex was born Tim used to do all the jobs around the house (washing, shopping, washing up and some general tidying), but now he has the full time job of looking after Alex so those things don't get done during the week meaning that we have to do them at the weekend. So we have done the weekly shop, cleaned, cooked, washed, washed up, fed Alex, changed him, bathed him, played with him, generally tidied up the house, collected the rest of the enormous playhouse (and when I say enormous I mean it...we couldn't fit it in the car, we had to attach it to the roof of the car to get it home), sorted out and put away Alex's 0-3 month clothes, organised his current clothes (3-6 months) and got out the next lot of clothes (6-9 months) ready for washing when he needs them and more! We have been given clothes enough to last him until he is 2 years old we think, although there may be a few items that we need to buy we haven't had to buy anything so far which has been fantastic. Long may it continue. Clothes can be expensive and we can't really afford new stuff for him (there doesn't seem any point anyway when he grows out of them so fast).
Alex surprised himself and us this weekend by 'crawling' backwards for the first time...OK it was more of a body shuffle, but it was still movement in one direction rather than spinning in a circle. This means that the stair gates may be needed sooner than originally thought. He has thoroughly entertained us this weekend with the different noises that he has been making the most amusing of which has been a breathy Darth Vader impression. His various toys continue to fascinate him especially the cube and anything noisey, although we tend not to give him the musical toys too often for our own sanity. I have had so much fun this weekend making the most of my time with him playing lots of little games and making him giggle. He is a very physical little boy and the more physical the game the more likely he is to laugh out loud.
On a different note I have finally finished Tim's birthday card. The 3D mandola looks really good since it is shimmery due to the mica pigment powders and it is finished with a green gem. It looks better in real life than it does in this picture, but I am quite pleased with the way the 'spring' card turned out. I have not tried one of these before and with the gold stickers on the base and some green stamping on the folds it seems to have come together well. The background was done using two different ink pads (yellow and green) and then a very stiff round ended paint brush (like a stippling brush) to create the stippled effect. I got the idea from some cards that Kay had made and I fell in love with that way of doing a is really effective.
I also got together with Alex to make his card for Tim...I painted his hand green and let him slap the card with it...I have to say that he wasn't too impressed with that...he didn't really like the sensation of the paint on his hand or the hassle that cleaning him up afterwards entailed. On the other hand he got on much better with the pens than I expected and all the pen work is his own (with the obvious exception for which I guided his hand). For added interest I then added the gold peel offs of the computer (a kind gift from Frances Gale)...Tim's favourite hobby. I think that Tim will like this one.
I received two wonderful ATCs through the post yesterday and when I tell you how old the people are who made these you will see why I was so impressed. This first one, Shaker Vase, is lovely and was made by Kayleigh Wade, aged 7. The shaker is great and I love the edging on this ATC.
This second one was made by Kayleigh's sister, Michaela Wade, aged 8 and I love the attention to detail in the placement of little gems on the necklace as well as the way that she has coloured in the corner peel offs and then cut round them to shape the corners of the ATC. I think you will agree with me that these are two fantastic ATCs.
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Allotment Lady said...

I am really enjoying your blog and love the mix of art, craft and Alex of course.

Look you, my son and daughter in law have had clothes and toys given to them by friends.

In this day and age of 'throw away' I was pleased that they didn't go down the everything new route - apart from a few essentials - car seat, cot and other little bits and pieces. I have bought twice from a young lady in the village - sets of clothes and under garments and babygrow - all washed and perfect just as new - they really don't wear anything out do they in the first year or two.

My daughter in law and her friend share maternity clothes too, like frocks and tops etc and they do the rounds - seems the most sensible thing to do - and is what I did two over 35 years ago!

Caro said...

I quite agree Lottie...there seems no point in buying stuff new when they are used for such a short time. I shared my maternity tops with a friend at work as well and the trousers I bought second hand from e-bay. It means we can save the money for other things when we need them.