Thursday, 18 October 2007


Well as the name suggests the time I have for my projects in the evening has been spent playing by making inchies. .If you haven’t come across the word before, these are little works of art, 1x1 inch (as the name suggests). There was a challenge on Wednesday stamper to make Inchies, and of course they had to have stamping on them somewhere. I have never made any of these before so they were a complete experiment and I found them the greatest of fun, although very challenging because of the limited space. There is only room for minimal embellishments or stamps with small areas of interest. In total I made three that were worth while, although some have worked better than others. All three of them used the same background of a wash of Adirondack Lettuce stamped over with a background writing stamp and some postmark stamps from Creative Inspirations.
To this first one, entitled ‘Romantic Letter’ I added some mini roses, tied in a bunch with ribbon and then a heart (free with one of my magazines) to try and create a romantic feel to the card.
This second one followed a similar theme with love and romance at the centre of it, and used a cherub charm that I have had for ages and never found a use for, suspended on a piece of ribbon, then a heart brad was added to the corner. I apologise for the quality of the photo…my camera was having trouble focussing.
The final one used even more stamping in the form of a mini HeroArts oak leaf stamp which I stamped in autumnal colours and then covered with part of a skeleton leaf.
Apart from crafting in the evening, I have spent the time playing with Alex…he is so much fun to be around at the moment as he is experimenting with different things all the time. His recent tricks are strange tongue movements, which is all part of speech development and will enable him to make different consonant sounds eventually. He also rolls onto his tummy more and more now and is more comfortable being there, being content to stay on his tummy while playing with a toy for quite a while, although he does still try and crawl giving a great impression of a stranded fish. We think that teething may also be imminent as although he is not showing all of the signs, he is chewing his fingers, thumb, fist and anything else he can get hold of at nearly every opportunity. I had better go now, as due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t manage to post this last night and I am now at work! Time to get back to the grant writing. More soon,


belinda said...

your inchies are gorgeous and never too late to submit for the challenge!

Rein said...

Great set of inchies!

Hermine said...

Gorgeous inchies.

LazyKay said...

Lovely inchies Caro - I can't get to grips with these - too small. I especially like the leaf one at the bottom.

Loving your blog altho' don't visit as often as I'd like.


Paula said...

Stunning inchies.

Momiji said...

love the inchies...I have just had a go at my first ones too...autumn themed which I did with fabric and pressed leaves.they are fun but fiddly!!

Julie said...

Love the embellishing on these!