Tuesday, 2 October 2007


I am totally exhausted this evening. Although the last two days haven't been physically demanding (I have been sat at my desk most of the days) they have been very mentally demanding. It hasn't helped that I haven't slept well for two nights and I can't blame it on Alex - he has been pretty good. I have spent these two days at work trying to draft out a grant application based on wound healing. The idea is to investigate which factors are involved in the process of wound healing following surgery so that we can identify a suitable treatment for patients who are having problems with healing. This grant will be submitted to a committee on 26th October so I have a little while to work on it, although with three people to liase between that time will soon fly by. It has been quite a challenge to get my head around the science of this and to tell it in a way that makes sense and leads up to a testable hypothesis. I think I now have something workable so have to run it past the boss and see what she thinks.
Alex has been in a funny mood these past few days and today has given Tim a bit of a hard time. We are not entirely sure why, whether it is just over tiredness, not feeling well, wanting company, hungry or teething or all of the above! I have to say in the evenings he has been great...yelled for food within 10 minutes of me coming home as expected and then been a joy to play with. Unfortunately he has developed a habit of going completely hyperactive just before he is due to go to bed and it isn't always easy to calm him down. If I hold him, he wants to stand and bounce on my lap; if I put him in his chair he bounces ballistically; and if I put him on the playmat he tries to roll over and crawl (not that he can crawl yet). The only thing to do is to put him in his room by himself and eventually he will calm down enough to sleep, although we may have a few yells along the way.
I have managed to do a little crafting each evening and made a couple of simple cards which are made quite effective by the matching patterned papers. This first one is a Birthday card and the flower was a dirty cream hydranger which I coloured with chalk. The papers all came from Berry range from the English Paper Company and were free with a magazine a long time ago!
This second card can be used for any occassion (appropriate peel off greeting to be added later, in bottom right hand corner) and used the Seafoam and Berry range of papers from the English Paper Company, and the flowers were from hobbycraft (in the bargin bin!). I am quite pleased with the effect of this card the design of which is loosely based on CPS sketch #31.

Work again for me tomorrow so I must go and get some food. More soon.


Allotment Lady said...

What wonderful cards - they are brilliant

Glad you got your 'head' around the application wording for the grant. Sometimes things 'just don't come' then the next day - hey presto, it all falls into place

Caro said...

Thanks Lottie for the encouragement!