Sunday, 21 October 2007

Shopping and yet more shopping

This weekend has been so busy that I am exhausted before I even start the week! We decided that as my work shoes, a very comfortable pair of black suede slip on trainers, are literally falling apart and leak something awful (I can't go out in them when it is wet or I get wet feet), that we couldn't put off going shoe shopping any longer. Now, unlike many of my female friends I really do not enjoy shopping and get really frustrated with not being able to find what I want quickly. We decided to head for town rather than meadowhall as we couldn't face the weekend crowds in meadowhall. Town was quite busy but we did have a successful trip with me finding a pair of comfortable black trainers, and buying a few crafty bits from The Works. We also got a few bits from Mothercare for Alex and as presents for friends who have recently had babies, as well as four different things from Argos. Alex coped very well although he refused to sleep as there was too much to see. We ended up feeding him partway round while in Argos waiting for our things to turn up. These included a convection heater as our boiler is currently dead and it is a bit too cold to be without a source of heat, especially when getting up in the middle of the night to feed.
Today (Sunday) saw us going to Co-op in Crookes for our weekly shop. This was a bit strange as they have updated the shop so it looks great, but sadly the prices have also been increased and it is no longer as good value as the Somerfield in Broomhill. We picked up some things, and then headed home to do a bit of housework, including washing, washing up, bin emptying, hoovering (which Alex hated) etc.
Alex has been really funny this weekend and it has been great to spend time with him. He is so inquisitive that he will not go to sleep unless he is in a darkened room by himself even when he is totally exhausted. His range of noises is increasing almost daily and he is into chewing absolutely everything from teddy bears, clean nappies, clothes, toys, his thumb, fist and fingers and my hand or arm! He is getting much happier on his tummy and will roll over the moment I put him on the floor and then try to crawl. He still can't move much on his front but can now support himself on one arm while the other is shoved in his mouth or used to pick up toys. He loves his bathtimes and soaks me by splashing vigorously at each one, although it surprises him when the water goes over his face as well!
This afternoon I got the chance to do a bit of crafting in the form of a baby card for a work colleague who is going on maternity leave at the end of the week. I was approached by her boss and asked if I would make the card as she had been impressed by the one I had made for Sheila. It was fun to do, although a bit more challenging as we don't know what sex baby she will have. I brayered the central strip of the card with Adirondack butterscotch, then stamped the teddy bears on top in Ginger ink and coloured the ears and tummy with gold mica pigment powder. This strip was then mounted on pink and blue harlequin background papers from K&Co. As the major embellishment I made a large pram by cutting a segment out of a circle and adding the trim (embossed with hologram sparkle) and handle (coloured with brown mica pigment) on top and finally finishing with the buttons. This was a very loose interpretation of CPS sketch #36 with the pram instead of the circles and moved more to the centre.
Anyway, work for me this week so more when I have the time and energy. In the meantime, happy crafting!

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Lazykay said...

Gorgeous card - not had a chance to try those mica powders (yet)1

Love Alex's pics he looks so bright and happy.