Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bonfire and stair gate!

Our house is on three stories and the lower ground floor is utter chaos. It only consists of the hallway (entrance) and garage but you have never seen such a mess. It is impossible to get the pushchair into the house anymore so we decided that enough was enough and it was time to have a major sort out. Now in order to clear the entryway it was necessary to tidy the garage so we decided to have a bonfire of all the burnable rubbish. This was a great success and we cleared about 20% of the garage with burning and a further 5% with things for the bin. Tim was as happy as a sand boy out in the garden. It is the first ever bonfire we have had since getting married and the first one Tim has ever done without the supervision of his Dad. Because of all the smoke going every which way we kept Alex inside in his chair looking out of the patio doors so he could see what was going on.
Unfortunately Tim hurt his shoulder so we didn't do anymore to the great clear up today, instead we put up a stair gate at the top of our stairs. Alex is definitely mobile now, albeit backwards, and can move several feet in less than a minute so we definitely need the gate now for safety. Alex hated the drilling and the hoovering up afterwards so I took him out for a walk while Tim finished the job. The walk was lovely as Alex was happy and chattery and the weather was so lovely. Alex still isn't very well so he was much more in need of cuddles and I have spent any crafting time in the past few days with him sat on my lap as this photo shows. It is a bit tricky to actually do very much in the way of my own crafting but he had great fun with pens and paper hitting the desk, and drawing (probably more by accident than design).
These 4 ATCs were part of my crafting success in the past couple of days. The central panel is of the same caught in crystal technique and then stamped with black StazOn. The stamps were free from Papercraft Inspirations. These are mounted onto ribbon (free with Quick cards made easy) and then finished with gold peel offs and red sequins. They have worked out better than I thought and I am pleased with the overall effect.
This ATC I made today and was the same caught in crystal stamped with one of the flower stamps from Simple Expressions flora 5, mounted on green card and then butterfly stickers added on top. I have this week off work to do the great house sort out and to celebrate Tim's birthday so more from me again soon.

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