Friday, 2 November 2007

Not very well

Well we have a poorly boy. Alex has the cold that is going round at the moment and is beginning to lose his voice. He has a very croaky voice which squeaks from time to is rather cute really and at least it doesn't seem to be stressing him. Fortunately he isn't off his food and although he is slightly more subdued than normal he is still laughing and giggling, bouncing and generally enjoying life. He has started to crawl backwards which pleases him immensely. The look of pride on his face when he has moved several feet is so funny to see. He gives such a cheeky grin as if to say, look what I just did Mummy. We are going to put the stair gate up this week to avoid any accidents.
Work has been a bit more gentle the last couple of days, I have edited an article for a journal and written two abstracts for presenting some work on breast cancer at a meeting in London in May. Apart from that I have been spending time with my students making sure that they are getting on OK. One student has to have written up his thesis by 1st December so much of my time from now is going to be taken up with editing this and advising him.
On the crafting front I have finally started making my Christmas cards. I have made 4 so far, the only trouble is that there are so many exciting projects that I have in mind that I keep getting side tracked into trying something else instead of getting on with them. The latest experiment has been witha 'caught in crystal' type technique where acetate is covered with a layer of diamond glaze into which ink is brushed then glitter sprinkled on. Over the top of this glue layer a piece of tissue paper is scrumpled up and then straightened out and then placed over the top of the glue layer. The whole thing is then left to dry before being cut up to use by stamping the image of your choice in StazOn (or similar ink). The card above had the Chinese dragon stamped in black StazOn onto some acetate with yellow and red ink and red glitter on it, then the eyelet set in the corner using my new crop-a-dile and then mounted on gold card. I am quite pleased with the way this has come out and as I made quite a lot of the caught in crystal background there will be more over the next few days!
More soon,

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Momiji said...

can't quite fathom how the technique is done but I love the results!
hope Alex is feeling better soon ..