Monday, 19 November 2007

Rain, Snow and Fog

Talk about miserable weather, it was actually snowing overnight here in Sheffield. Fortunately the ground was so wet and then it started raining so the snow didn't settle, but it seems a bit early for it! Then to top it all off, we had to drive through thick fog to get to work. Mind you that isn't the only fog brain is completely fogged too. I have spent the day editing the BMedSci thesis and I have had it. My poor student is tearing his hair out as despite my (and my bosses) warnings he has left it to the last minute and he is really feeling the pressure now poor guy. I really hope that he pulls it together as he has worked so hard that he deserves a first, but I am not sure whether he will manage it...I will just have to wait and see. As my work is about blood vessels in tumours, I thought I would share this picture with you of a newly developing blood vessel formed in a laboratory culture dish...pretty cool I think, but then I am sad like that!
Alex has been fun today...we had great fun at lunchtime when I went home to feed him as I put him on the floor to play while I made our sandwiches and within the space of 30 seconds he had got from one side of our 12 foot dining room to the other, by going onto all fours and then collapsing alternately which moved him backwards. It was hillarious to watch! I have loved playing with him this evening as we have played with bubbles, read stories, bounced up and down, made silly noises, rolled on the floor together, been drawing and generally had a very silly and great fun time.
In my crafting time this evening I decided that I wasn't going to make more Christmas cards and for a change made a couple of quick cards for use for anything. These both used pale purple card, mulberry paper and some rub ons. I was quite pleased with how they turned out considering how quick they were to make.
I also received some craft post today in the form of these two lovely ATCs. The first one, 'Simply be' is by Angie Farr and I love the layering up of the patterns and colours to make this very intricate ATC. The second one, 'Autumn Leaves' is by Jan Matthews and is a really beautiful and subtle ATC using a resist type technique and then raised leaves added to it. Anyway, must dash now. More soon

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