Thursday, 22 November 2007

Boring Work, but fun evening

Yes, work was soo boring today that I actually dozed off at my desk. OK, so it wasn't really the fault of the work I was doing, rather a case of tiredness...I was up at 5am today and as a result was somewhat tired come 3.30 this afternoon. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. I have to confess that it was while editing the BMedSci thesis that my eyes began to close..oops! The other job today wasn't much more exciting...I was photoshoping some scans of Western Blots, black and white images from experiments where proteins are run on a gel as above. The photoshoping was to remove the rather scruffy writing and replace it with some typed text ready for it to be put into a poster/manuscript/thesis.
The evening was much more fun. Alex and I had a great play time and he was actually trying to sit up and trying to get himself into a sitting position from lying down by all sorts of contornionist movements! He has been not quite homself and off his food for a couple of days so it was great to see him back to his usual smiley bouncey self and we had great fun rolling, bouncing, singing, cooing, laughing, crawling (still backwards) and generally enjoying ourselves thoroughly.
I did a little bit of crafting in mostly completing a further 8 Christmas cards, which just need the stars and angels stuck on. I did receive some wonderful crafty post in the form of these fabulous bookmarks from the swap that was organised by Lottie Middleton. I was honoured to receive one of her fabulous oriental bookmarks with an original gold drawing by her on one side and a Japanese stamped image on the other. My other bookmark is from Dawn Martindale and is a completely different style which is great, I love the fresh colours and the flowers on this one. It is so special to receive two completely different bookmarks and I will very much enjoy using them. More soon,

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