Monday, 12 November 2007

Weird day!

Today has been a very odd day. I went to work this morning knowing that our car was going to be collected for repair and that a hire car was going to be dropped off. This had all been arranged for 10am this morning so that Tim would be able to collect me at lunchtime in the hire car so that I could come home and feed Alex. While at work the power kept going off and my laptop can only survive for 45 minutes without power so this started to cause some problems, and then the hire car didn't turn up in the morning, so we decided that I would work at home this afternoon. This meant that when Tim came to collect me at lunchtime (in our car) he was in a really really bad mood. The hire car finally turned up at 2pm and then our car was collected at 4pm. I did actually manage to do some work this afternoon, despite Alex not being his usual happy self and in fact I sent Tim and Alex to bed for an hour while I worked in the study.
Alex has had a fairly grumpy and unhappy day today...he has been off his food, and thrown up quite a lot and generally not been his usual happy self. The mood swings have been amazing, happy giggling and laughing one minute, growling but content the next and then screaming abdabs the next. However, I did have some nice quality time with him this evening after I finished my work and we played in his gym, he did some 'drawing' with me and we had a lot of fun bouncing.
I received several ATCs today which was lovely. The Christmas swap ones arrived from Germany and I received the Christmas pudding from Joshua Wade (aged 6), the Patchwork star from Luc William Brunton (aged 11, I think) and Snowflakes from Janet Matthews. I love all of these. The teabag folding for the central snowflake is great and I must have another go at this technique at some point. So many techniques and not enough time!
These very cute dalmations are decoupaged and are from a new member of the CM&PC forum, Emma Ryder. This is hopefully the first of many swaps that I will do with her.
Last, but not least I received this very cute New Years Cherub from Joanne Browne, I love the additional effect of the folded flower in the corner.

I now have an hour to myself in which I hope to get on with some of my Christmas cards...will let you all know how I get on. More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Sooooooooo frustrating when things aren't done to schedule - if they can't keep to a time, they shouldn't give you one.

Hope Alex is more settled today.

GREAT atcs! Your collection is growing like Topsy. I particularly like that patchwork star.