Monday, 26 November 2007


I was so tired at the end of last week that all I wanted to do this weekend was collapse in a heap. In reality there were a number of jobs to do and I didn't have as much time to myself as I would have liked as Alex was really unusually tired and grumpy. He hasn't been sleeping very well again and as a result is becoming really moody during the day needing lots of attention and cuddles. I don't mind as I love spending time with him, but it does make doing jobs like washing up and hoovering rather difficult. We had to lower the mattress in his cot as well this weekend as he has become too mobile for it to be safe and he is trying to learn to sit up.
Alex and I have had so much fun together despite him being so tired as he is making a greater range of extremely funny noises including a sort of shriek (not in pain, just because he can -he giggles immediately afterwards!), Darth Vader heavy breathing, and numerous giggles, grunts and shouts. I try and read to him immediately before his bedtime feed each evening and on Sunday night he had a fit of giggles over the pig noises I was doing for him.
My desk and craft area have been such a complete mess that I have done very little crafting this weekend, but I did succeed in re-organising things so that I can now see the desk again and will be able to craft tomorrow! The only bit of crafting I did was this ATC that I owe Angela Clerehugh for her lovely Splat! This was done with a background card that I made a few days ago and then embellished with angel kiss flowers, a dragonfly brad and a rub on. I hope she likes it!
Isn't it wonderful when things turn up at just the right time? I have had such a tough week that it was lovely, a real treat, to find this cute card lying on the door mat for me on Saturday morning. This card was sent to me by Lindsay as part of the CM&PC forum's send a smile scheme where we each send one person a card each month. Brilliant!
I also received a wonderful ATC from Kerry Knowles on Saturday which was very special because she used the flower image from the business card that I sent her. That's all for now. More soon.

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