Sunday 27 July 2008

Far too hot!

I know that some people will say that I am a stick in the mud but the weather has been too hot for me this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun, but I would like at least a little breeze to cool things down, especially at night. Poor Alex hasn't been sleeping well as a result of his cough and cold so the heat isn't helping him much either, and he was so tired yesterday that he slept for much more than normal...we had a lie in yesterday morning until 7.30 which is totally unheard of! Our shopping trip was comparatively peaceful as he was rather subdued and then he slept for nearly two hours in the middle of the day...most unlike him. We had a great time at the park in the afternoon though chasing around after another little boy and rediscovering the joys of the tunnel, swing, seesaw and slide. The only hat I can persuade Alex to keep on his head is this one, which is far too small...he looks totally ridiculous but at least it gives him some protection.
Today Tim and I spent some time putting Alex's new wigwam (a present from my parents) up. The wigwam is made of willow and is lovely. Alex thought it was great, although as he is obsessed with sticks he spent some time trying to pull it apart. I will have to watch him with it to make sure he doesn't completely destroy it. We went to the park again this afternoon, although it was almost too hot to be there. Alex is still struggling with food and anything with even a hint of a lump gets spat out, with the exception of cheerios and toast. I tried to give him a strawberry today and he spat it out and fed the rest to me!
I decided that it was high time I made some ATCs for a change and so made up a sheet of A4 with brayered background using butterscotch and cranberry Adirondack inks and then stamped the chinese writing over the top before adding the embellishments. This first set used butterfly images from Crafty Individuals.
This second set used dragon stamps (bought from Ebay) which were either heat embossed in copper or stamped using StazOn black ink.
I have gone totally inchie mad again this weekend and have made 7 sets for swapping! This first set used images taken from a card and then I drew bones and footprints on the bayered background to make them more interesting.
This second set was made using free paper from one of my crafting magazines and some stickers I had left over from a previous project. To top them off I added some glitter glue.

This next set used the left over card from the ATCs and then edged them with pen and added Oriental stickers.
This next set used some sparkly flower stickers that I was given by a friend a long time ago and I drew some patterns onto textured card which I cut around with deckle scissors and then edged with ink and mounted onto silver card.
This first set of pirate inchies was made using a butterscotch Adirondack ink brayered background with the stickers and appropriate drawings/words in brown pen.
The second set of pirate inchies was more adventurous with some parchment coloured paper, cut with deckle scissors and mounted onto copper shiney card. Finally I made some inchies using my dinosaur stickers. I have to say that by the time I got to these I wasn't feeling as inspired and so resorted to some patterned/texture background card to feel a bit jungle like and then added simple pen in the corners. Not bad for a weekends crafting! More soon,

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Anonymous said...

Love that jaunty hat Alex - you look a rake in that!

I LOVE THAT WIGWAM - I want one! So gorgeous.

Some lovely craft stuff there.

Oh, AND I agree totally, far, far too hot - bring on autumn I say!