Sunday, 20 July 2008

Stinky cold

Poor Alex has the worst cold he has ever had, caught off the kids at nursery. It is a complete streamer and so bad that he can't really breath very well at all which means that he isn't sleeping well at night, as he keeps waking up having not been able to take a breath. He is also struggling with eating and can only manage to eat food such as soup and purees which can be swallowed really quickly, anything that he has to chew gets spat out as he can't chew and breath at the same time. Yesterday the poor little thing was fairly miserable with it, grizzling and being clingy for most of the day, and not really wanting to do anything. We tried to go to the park and got caught in a downpour and then when we went out in the garden later he was so shivery as he had a temperature that I had to take him straight in and warm him up. I was exhausted by the end of the day.
Although Alex didn't really sleep very well last night we have had a much better day today. He was in such a good mood that I was able to clean the house from top to bottom, which made me feel better. We managed to go to the park twice and he enjoyed going on the swings, slide, bouncy seesaw, roundabout and sitting on my lap on the big swing as well as chasing his ball across the playground and pushing his pushchair round. Mealtimes were better, but only if he ate really smooth food, and he was even content enough to play by himself for a little bit while I did some crafting. His cold is a real streamer with the most gooey nose I have ever seen...yuk! I just hope that he manages to sleep tonight as that will surely help him.
Crafting wise this weekend has mostly been an inchie weekend as they are quick to finish and mean that I can quickly respond to Alex if I need to. I seem to have made loads and loads of inchies over the past two days. I was inspired to make this set from pictures cut out of sales magazines at work. The pictures are of cells stained with fluorescent dyes for the nucleus and a marker for cell membrane proteins mostly. I had fun making these but don't know if anyone will want to swap them because they are so unusual.
These two sets of inchies were made the same way..I used a peel off and then coloured it in with bright felt pens and then coloured round the edge in chalk, and then finally removed the peel off to leave the outline of the insects in white.
This set were made using a very small flower stamp and then a flower sticker on the top.
This set of Egyptian inchies were made using a brayered background in butterscotch and stamped images in ginger from the Tandastamp Egyptian set finished off with gold peel offs.
The final set of inchies again used a Tandastamp this time stamped with versamark ink and then heat embossed in different colours. I haven't tried this two or three coloured technique for a while or on such a small scale, but it seemed to work OK.
I also made these two ATCs to say thank you to Mhairi who kindly let me join in the idioms group swap even though my original ATCs ended up getting lost in the post. Not bad for a weekends crafting! More soon,


LazyKay said...

Your flower sticker inchies are my favourite from this batch of crafting but I do also like the stained cells ones. I've not done inchies - too small for me!

Hope Alex gets well soon.


Sally Bentham said...

Hi caro, lots of lovely inchies I have already put my order in :) lovely pictures of you, alex and tim. hope alex is feeling better. great blog.

Sally Bentham said...

hi caro great blog, lots of great inchies, already put my order in on the forum. :) lovely pictures of you, alex and tim. he is a real cutie. hope he is feeling better soon.


Mewsli said...

Hi doll, how did you ever make the time to make all those wonderful things AND look after baby Alex?

Stinky colds ?? URGH ?? My son used to have some really yukky ones ( he would kill me if he knew I was posting this)

Take Care.

Carole xx

Esther said...

Hello caro!

Fab blog you have here :) Those are lovely pictures! Hope Alex is feeling better soon :D

Great inchies you have there!


Esther aka Bellaelysium

Weasel (Angie) said...

I have not tried inchies. Is it the same technique to ATC's but the card is an inch square? I loved the stained cells and the egyptian ones.

I love reading your blog,it's reallywell set out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have the wee one's cold, hope you feel better soon. I recognise some of your Inchies etc as I have requested a few of them and look forward to getting them- they are so unusual great! keep up your blog as it is nice to put a face to a name from the forum; which I am really enjoying being on. Thanks again and look after yourself Caro