Wednesday, 16 July 2008

First time at nursery

Alex went to nursery for the first time this week and coped remarkably well considering that he only had one introduction session prior to the full day today. Tim went with Alex on Tuesday and stayed at the nursery for just over an hour before leaving him there for the rest of the morning. He did really well and even ate some tuna pasta bake, which considering he doesn’t usually eat lumps was a huge break through. Unfortunately he didn’t finish his lunch because he threw his bowl on the floor...a favourite trick of his and the reason we don’t let him have his bowl usually! He was exhausted when he came home on Tuesday lunchtime because he hadn’t had a sleep as the nursery nap time is from 12.15. Apparently he only threw one minor strop when he was asked to move through to the quiet room with everyone else and sit and read a book when he wanted to play instead, but other than that he played nicely with everyone and chatted a bit which is a good sign.
This good trend continued today when he went for his first full day. He even had a sleep, albeit only 1 hour. However he didn't eat his lunch at all and only ate 1/2 of each of his other meals. Apparently he played nicely all day, it was only when he was asked to stop playing that he cried. When we arrived to collect him all the kids were outside and he was sat on the nursery workers knee...the moment he saw us he started to cry! This is the complete opposite of most kids...they cry when they are left not when they are collected. It seems like after some adjustment he will be OK at nursery although very tired in the evening afterwards. In a way it is a shame that we cannot afford to send him for more than one day a week, but at least he is now getting more regular interaction with other kids.
I have done a little crafting in the evenings this week and have got into doodling again (Zentangles for those who like the posh word for it!). These ATCs are probably my most intricate doodles to date and took ages (especially the spiral one), however I am pleased with the results. I have to confess these were done on cream card as I didn’t have any white to hand.
I have also made a few inchies as I owe some for swaps. I do find them very therapeutic to make as they are so little. I seem to have a collection of little stickers which are just perfect for embellishing them. This set are a group of fish on a blue background with seaweed (green pen) and water effects drawn using a sakura stardust pen.
My ATC collection is bursting out of my current file so I bought a cheap lever arch file yesterday and decorated it with wrapping paper (blue stripes) and then embellished it with patterned sparkly paper, silver peel offs and an origami butterfly that Frances Gale kindly gave me the template for. I am quite pleased with this and look forward to spending a happy hour or two sorting through my ATCs to file them away safely. More soon,


Angelswings_2 said...

It sounds like he will enjoy Nursery time... Well done on bring up a balanced young boy!

LazyKay said...

Glad Alex is settling well - maybe one day is enough for now and he'll get lots of socialising in.

Lovely work and like your ATC folder.

Those doodles are great btw.