Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My turn!

Yes it is my turn to have the revolting cold, my darling little son has kindly shared his germs with me and I have to say I have felt pretty rotten so I now understand what he has been going through even more. It is hard to concentrate and to think clearly with a head full of goo but as I am writing a grant application at the moment and editing a thesis (written in really bad English) it has been necessary. Work is busy and challenging at the moment, but better that way than being bored. Due to his cold Alex hasn’t been sleeping well, being woken up regularly throughout the night by bouts of violent coughing poor little thing. Despite that he has been fairly cheerful during the day although getting more tired than normal and more inclined to yell when he doesn’t get his own way. It was Alex’s second full day at nursery today, he went off quite happily this morning and didn’t really notice Tim leaving. Apparently he got on very well although there were some tears...mostly when he wasn’t allowed to do what he wanted to do. He also didn’t really sleep, which doesn’t surprise me. When I turned up he was happily playing on a tricycle outside although we had the usual little cry when he saw me. Feeding has been difficult with his cold, but he finally ate a little better tonight even though he did insist on trying to eat from the bowl...who needs spoons anyway! We have had fun this evening playing games of chase in the garden with lots of giggles and then calming down and playing cars immediately before bed. I have managed some crafting this week after Alex has gone to bed. I especially enjoyed making this thank you card for my parents who are funding Alex’s nursery fees. The photo was taken the evening after Alex’s first day in nursery and the background was stamped using ‘Clear choice stamps’. I also made this scrapbook layout of Alex’s first birthday. This is the first of several pages I intend to do using photos from his birthday, and this one features his first experience of chocolate cake! The title is ‘let him eat cake’ and the journaling reads ‘For Alex’s 1st Birthday I made a sticky chocolate cake and we all sang Happy Birthday which received a huge cheesy grin followed by a puzzled expression when his name was mentioned. He made a wonderful mess with his slice of cake; there were crumbs everywhere’. Finally I have made a set of ATCs using paper piercing, some flower stickers I had and dry embossing using one of the free boards from a magazine. I like to keep some ATCs in stock so that I can swap for ATCs that people have posted on the forum without having to worry about finding time to make some then and there so these will be kept for that. More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Oh, no the lurgy's doing the rounds!

Don't know how you can manage to sort out a thesis through a cold headache! Makes mine hurt just thinking of it.

Lovely craft stuff - nice to have the pages of the birthday party too.