Friday, 18 July 2008


I don't know why, but Alex loves to growl, which is one reason his most commonly used nickname is 'Monster'. He seems to have spent much of the past two days growling. Not cross growling, just different growling noises to see what he can do and how we react. He sometimes even makes himself giggle with the different noises he makes which is just hillarious. It has made it so funny in the evenings when I have been playing with him or feeding him. Sadly today he has quite a high temperature today and isn't feeling so good, off his food and crying more than normal. I hope that paracetamol and some sleep will help him.
I haven't had a great deal of crafting since my last post but did make this ATC for Josh (aged 6), in exchange for the one he made me. It used Stickers of the Disney Pixar film 'Cars', which I believe he likes and is further embellished with peel offs.
I also made these inchies (sorry about the bad photo) using patterned background paper, drawing stitching round the edges and these fun animal resin stickers. I owe most of these to people I have swapped with recently, but hope to make some more inchies tonight and over the weekend for swapping. Must dash, More soon,

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LazyKay said...

Hope your growly little boy soon gets well.

Nice crafting you've managed to squeeze in too!