Wednesday, 30 July 2008

It never rains but it pours...

...not the weather though. It has been a tough few days as far as my family young cousin was knocked over by a car while crossing the road and been in a coma, my sister-in-law is going through relationship difficulties and Tim is definitely going to have to go to appeal to get his benefits back. They say that things come in threes so I really hope that that is it for bad news for us for a while and that we will start getting some positive news instead. Work has been would never believe how much hassle printing out one document (24 pages) in colour and then photocopying it 25 times would took 24 hours to get it done because of conversion difficulties between different versions of MSWord. I have to confess that Microsoft is fast becoming a swear word in our house. Never mind, I got there in the end and the grant was packed up and sent off today.
Alex has been hilarious these past few days...he is back to eating more normally again which is a relief and he has discovered that if you drive a plastic toy car over the air vents it makes a great noise, which he usually accompanies by a loud BRRRRMMM BRRRRM! He has also discovered that if he lifts my top up he can find my tummy button which is apparently totally fascinating as he keeps sticking his fingers in it. Hmmm...Not too sure about that one! We have had fun playing in the garden again chasing the football round, playing aeroplanes, playing peekaboo in his wigwam and generally having a good time. He went to nursery again today and ate and slept pretty well, although apparently he doesn't say much when he is there and he was getting tired and crotchety towards the end of the day. He made up for not talking much at nursery by chatting all evening this evening.
Crafting wise I have managed to make another layout of Alex's birthday. This one used loads of shots I took of him having cuddles with various family members and opening his presents. None of the shots were quite good enough to use by themselves but together they make a great fun edging to the page. I don't normally do this as usually my photos are in the centre and not the journalling but it seems to have worked OK. The title is '1st Birthday Party' and the journalling reads 'Alex really loved being the centre of attention on his Birthday, receiving loads of presents, playing with his cousins and having lots of fun, laughter and cuddles'.
I have also made some teabag ATCs for the August technique swap on CM&PC...I know I am ahead of myself but I wanted to be sure and get these done early as I always seem to run out of time before the end of the month. It was quite a challenge to get the size of the tiles right..for the simpler types of folding you need smaller tiles to fit them on the page whereas the more complex folds need larger tiles. The autumnal one is a little small I feel, but I decided that it was still good enough to use having spent the time on it. The backgrounds to all these tiles are a stippling effect of three different colours and then stamped using the Purple Onion stamps. That is all the news for now. More on Friday,


craftymumof3 said...

So sorry to hear about your cousin, hope he/she recovers soon. I love the scrapbook page you have made for Alexs birthday and I definitely love the Tea bag ATCs you've made for the swap.

LazyKay said...

Oh Caro, you seem to have a black cloud over you at the moment - I pray for a positive outcome for your cousin and hope your family difficulties will get sorted. So stressful for you all.

I'm pleased Alex is recovering and enjoying things and discovering his 'bits' (wait till the nappy comes off - playing with his belly button will seem a minor incident! LOL)

That is one stunning collage layout you've done there - you've really captured the moods - it's excellent.

Nice ATCs too.

Good luck with your grant application - was there not somwhere that you could have had your poster printed in full without having to do it in bits - or am I on the wrong track here?


Caro said...

Thanks for the support. Sadly it was MY tummy button Alex insisted on playing with! Also the grant is a 25 page document that had to be photocopied 25 waste of paper in my mind, but that is what the charity insisted upon. Caro x