Thursday, 3 July 2008


Well it has taken nearly 10 days but we have finally put together all the documentation for Tim's appeal. Tim went to see Citizen's Advice Bureau this afternoon and they seem to think that we have a case and are considering taking it on. They will now read through the massive document we prepared and then make a decision based on that. So at this stage it looks like all our hard work has paid off. I have been at work during the days of course and so have been doing this in the evenings...I am so ready for a break! Alex and I are off to Somerset tomorrow to my bridesmaid's wedding and we will be staying with my parents. I am really looking forward to it as I don't get to see my folks very often and it will be wonderful to get away from all the stress.
Alex has been a little star despite cutting two molars on his top jaw which are obviously still causing him grief. We have had lots of giggles chasing round outside in the garden, and he is learning to play pass the ball. This photo is of him 'helping' while I cooked the tea last night!
Despite everything I have managed to have a little time to myself (about 30 minutes each day) during which I made these vintage transport ATCs for a swap organised on CM&PC forum. This again used the Batik technique and my colourwash inks for the main images and paterns and then a Purple Onion stamp in two corners, a brad and an eyelet in the final two.
I have also started making the cartoon themed trading cards...this is a Disney Princess ATC in suitably girly colours and sparkles!
Finally I made my sister-in-laws birthday card. She is completely elephant mad hence the theme of the card. I am quite pleased with the ink wash effect that I did for the sunset effect behind the silhuette. I just know that she will like this one. Anyway, like I say I am off to Somerset tomorrow so will update upon my return. Have a great weekend.

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LazyKay said...

Everything crossed for your appeal Caro and glad you're getting some help with it now.

Your break will be well deserved and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I LOVE that Batik effect and also the colour wash on the elephants - it's a nice design is that.

Take care.