Sunday, 13 July 2008

Water experiments!

The theme of this weekend has to be water. Alex has been so funny wanting to experiment with dipping his hands into every glass of water he came across as well as sinks, puddles etc. He has spent most of today sopping wet and enjoying every minute of it. He decided that he wanted to try and drink from a proper cup (without a sip attachment), which he can do, but he has a tendency to turn it upside down without realising...very messy! He has also discovered that he can put the lid on his cup, but then can't take it off again so yelled at one of us to remove it for him again. Added to that his bath times this weekend have to have been the wettest ever...I was soaked!
I have had a wonderful weekend playing with Alex...we have been to the park twice and out in the garden for much of today. He was very good as we went round the shops on Saturday morning and spent a happy time wandering round the kitchen opening and shutting drawers while I cooked. I just love it when I can spend a lot of time with him and we have been giggling away, playing chase, catch, pass the ball and many other fun games that make him laugh.
I have even managed to do some crafting while he slept and made this card to say thank you for the lovely wedding I went to last weekend. I used one of the free embossing boards that I had to do the border and am quite pleased with the over all result.
As my batik ATCs have proved so popular on the forum I made another batch, this time using two different stamps from the Purple Onion vintage flourishes set. I am quite pleased with how these all turned out, although the batik images don't show up quite as well on the butterscotch and terracotta inks.
Finally I made this scrapbook layout of the time we went to visit Arundel Castle on our holiday in May. All the card used on this is from MakingMemories and I cut the inner card in the shape of crenallations to remind me of the castle. The stamps are all from the same Purple Onion set and the replica coins were bought st the castle. The journalling reads 'We thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent exploring Arundel Castle. The spectacular views of the castle grouns and surrounding countryside made all the hard work of carrying Alex's pushchair up the hundreds of steps worth it.' I would love to know what you think of it. More soon,


to share said...

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LazyKay said...

Lovely thank you card Caro, elegant.

Love the Batik ATCs they have a gentle feel to them.

WOW that's a big LO to do - well done!

Glad Alex continues to enjoy discovering his world.


Lilbuddha said...

I love reading about Alex, he sounds and looks SO adorable!!
Your cards adn scrapbooks are fab!