Monday, 25 August 2008

Bank holiday fun!

Don't you just love a bank holiday? I just love having that extra day off work as it means that there is so much more time to do things. I have cleaned the house from top to bottom (believe me, it was getting desperate), done the shopping, played with Alex, been to the park three times, and best of all we went out for a family trip to the miniature railway.
I have loved Steam trains most of my life thanks to Grandad who introduced me to trains as soon as I could walk. He used to take me across the fields to the bridge across the railway line every day while he and Gran were building their house, and occassionally the steam trains ran on the main line. I have loved them since then and so wanted to introduce Alex to them. I persuaded Tim to come with us, although he did find it fairly exhausting as he is so ill at the moment. The miniature railway has both diesel and steam, and we were lucky enough to get a ride on the steam trains. Alex wasn't too sure to start with but soon began to enjoy himself and we spent a lovely hour there.
I have only had time for a little crafting this weekend, mostly catching up on things that I owe people, such as another page for the cute animal fatbook swap...almost identicle to the other ones, just with a different photo and caption.
I had a mini crisis when I lost something that I was about to post out to someone and Tim made the very sensible suggestion that I should make a set of miniature files with 'IN' for works of art I have received but haven't yet filed, 'IN PROGRESS' for things I am still working on, and 'OUT' for things that are complete and ready to be put in envelopes for posting. I thought this was very sensible and made a little one. To give you a sense of scale, they are 1 inch wide, 4 inches deep and 3 inches high and they have trading cards in them.
I have joined a website called 'swap bot' to give me a little more variety in the swaps that I do, and I have signed up for my first swap which is 'favourite seasons'. I have to make and send two ATCs to a Swiss lady of her favourite two seasons, which are winter and autumn. I have also found out that she loves mountains so hope that these ATCs will be appropriate for her. They were fun to make using a mixture of stamping, embossing, photographs and embellishments.
I hope you all had a good weekend. More soon,


LazyKay said...

So pleased you had a lovely week-end. I love the smell of the steam trains too.

Lovely craft work and I like your 'filing' system!


Momiji said...

lovely photos..we have a similar train in the Grovenor park chester so it brings back happy memories...
I recognize the atc and inchies in your 'in' box!