Sunday, 3 August 2008

Scrapbooking weekend

I have had some better news this weekend as my cousin despite having having had an operation to put a rod into his leg where it was broken in two places is now home from hospital. We thought he was going to be in there for about 5 weeks, but he is back home and doing fine with no evidence of any brain damage from the accident. There will of course be follow up appointmnents to sort out the scarring to his face etc, but he is so incredibly lucky that it wasn't any worse. The other good news was that Tim very sweetly decided that I didn't have enough storage for my crafting stuff and so bought me an ArtBin holder complete with 6 large ArtBin boxes. Needless to say these are now all full and my crafting area is looking almost can see the desk and the floor!
Alex and I have had a great weekend enjoying the nice weather and playing outdoors much of the time. We have been to the park three times, and played in the garden a lot of the time. We have also been drawing (well scribbling actually!), stacking up bricks to build towers before knocking them down again, playing chase, ball and with cars among other things. It has been a lovely time. Meal times continue to be messy...I don't mind him using his fingers, as at least he is is the fact that he turns his bowl upside down or throws it across the room that is a nuisance. We even have had some successful transfers of food from bowl to mouth while using a spoon, although by the time the spoon got to his mouth it was usually upside down!
During Alex's naps I have been scrapbooking. I just seem to have found the inspiration again which is nice This first layout entitled 'My Teddy (great to munch)' is based on sketch number 93 from Pencil Lines. Alex's teddy is hand knitted and was made by Mrs Packer when she was over 100 years old. This is one of the last toys she made and Alex loves it. It gets so much abuse being bitten and munched whenever Alex is tired or wants to carry teddy but have his hands free for something else! The colour scheme was chosen to reflect the colours of teddy and the journalling reads ' Where others have a blanky Alex has a much loved and abused Teddy. We hope he lasts a long time'.
The second one is based on sketch #95 from Pencil Lines and is entitled 'Jungle Adventure'. The cardstock is all Bazzill and the Adventure and spider images are from Hot off the Press. The flower stickers were from this months 'Paper Craft Inspirations' and the other flowers are Angel Kiss. I wanted to cut the light green cardstock to resemble the grass and then added various butterflies and bugs to resemble the various things Alex has encountered in the garden. The journalling reads 'Alex loved exploring out garden jungle...crawling through the long grass. However, he was often puzzled by the plants and wildlife'.
I leave you with another fun photo from our visits to the park. More soon,


LazyKay said...

Wow Caro, GREAT organisation there on the craft space - I (THINK) I've got a floor somewhere too but at the moment, it's hard to know.

I love those pages, lovely balance of images/words.

So pleased to see the good news about your family member's recovery.


kathj said...

Wow that was very nice of him! love the sketch/lo's