Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Busy week so far

I don’t seem to have stopped at all over the past few days. Work is chaotically busy as I am trying to write two different papers at the moment. One is a write up of some data generated in the lab to do with blood vessel formation in healing wounds and scars and the other is a review article of lab techniques used to study the process of blood vessel formation. However, everytime I sit down to try and write I get interrupted by someone wanting to ask me something or discuss something with me. Total madness...I only managed to write a single paragraph today! I actually worked from home yesterday which, despite Alex only being in nursery for a few hours, was much more productive! To make up for the hectic work schedule at the moment I was given a lovely surprise gift of some crafting bits and pieces from Kath Wilson (LazyKay) partly to cheer me up, but also as a thank you for co-ordinating the ATC train of thought. It was such a kind thought and I really appreciated it.
Poor Alex is still full of cold and coughing for England which is keeping him awake so the poor wee lad is shattered. He is also teething and this tooth seems to be giving him more trouble than the others so far so he will be happily playing and then burst into tears for no apparent reason which is sad. We went to play outside in the garden yesterday which was lovely, but the grass was damp and he was feeling clingy so that only lasted 10 minutes. In comparison when I mentioned his bath he excitedly ran to the bottom of the stairs and started to climb all the time saying ‘Baff, Baff!’. He obviously preferred to do that yesterday! He has been to nursery again today and was apparently much better than previously, less tears and he ate most meals (including things he wont eat at home!). However, at the end of the day he was totally shattered and needed to go to bed early!
I have now completed the ATCs for the pocket and ATC swap. There are 8 needed in total so I did duplicates of these four. I am quite pleased with the way they turned out and feel that they go quite nicely with the pockets as shown in the second photo.
I have also made some Oriental inchies using the left over pieces of card from the pockets. I added some printed Chinese newspaper, some images of geisha girls, a typed word and gold heat embossed edging. They were fiddly to do, but well worth it and I am pleased with the result.
I have also made some others using the same background, this time edged with ink and then with a Chinese Carnival butterfly image cut out, highlighted with sakura stardust and mounted on foam pads. It is amazing what a difference the different methods have made so that these look quite different from the Geisha’s. I would love to know what you think about these inchies. More soon.


Momiji said...

love all this oriental stuff you have done..the pocket atcs are really pretty and the inchies too.
will send a swap asap....

LazyKay said...

Glad your wee package arrived safely!

Hope Alex's cough soon settles, it's so exhausting when their 'tubes' are small and they can't clear them.

LOVE all this work you're doing, more complex and it shows.



Allison said...

these are gorgeous