Sunday, 10 August 2008

Poor Alex...

...he has yet another stinky streaming everywhere poor boy! To add insult to injury Tim and I decided that he really needed a hair cut and so we used the clippers to give him a number 4 all over, which he hated. He looks very smart, but I miss his unruly locks of hair. Now he has short hair the resemblance between him and his cousins is much more pronounced! With his cold he has gone off food including bananas which are usually his favourites. The only food I have managed to get into him is wheetabix and desert stuff surprise surprise!
Yesterday was miserably windy and wet all day so we had to stay inside, but today, despite blowing a gale, was at least dry and occasionally sunny so we went to the park and as he looked fed up with the swings etc I let him run round on the big playing field for some of the time which he loved.
I have done bits of crafting this weekend. Yesterday I finished off the 15 historical inchies using photos of Nana (my Great-Gran) her husband and her parents. I am thrilled with how these have turned out and feel that I am finally making inchies of the quality that I have seen elsewhere on the net.
I also used the same technique to make a further 9 inchies with music and words on, but these were much brighter and were on the theme of 'songbirds'. I found various bird pictures on the net and minaturized them and added them to the bright backgrounds. Despite the backgrounds of the two sets of inchies being similar I have managed to create a different feel which pleased me.
I was also persuaded to join in an unusual Oriental swap on the CM&PC forum whereby you make a card that is 9x12 cm with a pocket on each side and then an ATC to pop into one of the pockets. I have to make 8 of these for everyone who is joining in. So far I have made the 8 cards (all identicle) complete with their pockets, but have yet to decide on the ATCs to go with them. The two photos are front and back of the pages. That is all for now so have a good week everyone. More soon.


Momiji said...

love the inchies and the pocket cards....maybe we can do a swap?

LazyKay said...

What gorgeous teeth! I know they are causing problems in the arrival but his smile is a million dollar one!

YES your art work has definitely gone up several notches and no wonder you're pleased with it. Have you managed to hang on to any of them yet? This set would look lovely mounted in a frame.