Sunday, 17 August 2008

Wish I could...

...breathe! My nose has been like a dripping/running tap constantly all weekend and has kept me awake for much of both nights. Consequently I haven't felt up to doing very much which is a shame. We went a did our usual family shop on Saturday morning, I have done some washing, cleaning and tidying and played with Alex, but that is about it for the weekend. I have enjoyed the Olympics though...we seem to be doing so much better than usual it is wonderful.
As I have been blowing my nose so much this weekend Alex has taken to copying the movement and noises that I make so he puts his hand up to his nose, wobbles it from side to side and makes a blowing noise with his just cracks me up as it is hillarious!
Alex and I went to the park twice this weekend, the second time he found the only puddle in the place and spent a happy 20 minutes splashing in it...he was soaked by the time we came home, but I guess that is part of the fun. He enjoyed it, and there was no harm to it, so I really didn't understand the attitude of some of the other Mother's who looked horrified at me letting him do it, and one actually came up to me and said 'He shouldn't be allowed to do that'. I couldn't believe it... I just said 'there is no harm to is a nice day and he will get cleaned up and dry when we get home' and then ignored her. I was stunned. Why shouldn't a little boy be allowed to explore his surroundings and be a boy?!

I have done a little crafting this weekend in the form of this scrapbook layout of our summer holiday destination this year. The layout is relatively simple because I didn't want to detract from the photos of the scenery from the village of Itchenor. The journalling reads 'Our first family holiday with Alex was perfect - sun, sea, sand, wonderful scenery, great day trips out, lots of fun and laughter, and all without leaving England'.

I also made some more inchies, this time using one of my favourite subject materials - steam trains. The backgrounds are the K&Co map paper stamped over with a vintage writing stamp and some postage marks, then the words and pictures are added on top with either gems or brads. I then inked round the edge to give them definition. Do let me know what you think. That's all for now, More soon and have a great week everyone.


Claire said...

Love the inchies they are great. All children should be allowed to get wet/dirty etc. I think I'd have gone and jumped in the puddle as well - while the other woman was watching!!! Hope you're feeling better soon.


Momiji said...

there will always be other mums ready to offer 'advice' ...Alex loves water and he is having great fun there. lovely photos!

LazyKay said...

Sounds like you're really run down Caro - hope you soon start to pick up.

YEAH! Let Alex get wet, muddy, dirty - what the hell! Kids who are too clean are always getting infections anyway and as you say, 'it's only muck, it'll wash!'

Love the artwork - don't know how you're fitting it all in.

(I've given you an award on my blog).