Friday, 15 August 2008

Feeling rotten again!

Yes, yet again my darling son has passed on his germs to me and I have a stinky cold with flue like symptoms. Maybe it is his way of letting me know exactly how rotten he has been feeling! Despite it I have been at work trying desperately to get things finished off and organised before the weekend. I have so much to do that I really don’t want to get behind. I have finally started writing my review article about the different lab methods that are used to study vessel formation...the more I look into it the more I realise how long this article will be as there is so much information to include. It is going to take ages, but I am sure I will get there eventually.Alex is so funny at the moment, and very much into his dancing...any music that is played near him and he starts to dance. This morning for some reason he was singing to himself and then dancing and then giggling like mad, which was hilarious for us to watch. He is also into games of peep-boo in a big way...he will put his hands over his eyes and we have to say ‘where is Alex?’ and then he pulls his hands down and we say ‘There he is!’ to great giggles from Alex. That smile and infectious laugh is enough to melt anyone’s heart. That said, he is starting to tantrum a bit when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants and the photo above is of a cross little boy! I have managed to do a little more crafting this week despite feeling rather do-less as a result of my cold. These inchies used the same background as before but this time I distressed them a little with a brown inkpad and then stamped the Chinese symbol in StazOn ink, added Chinese newspaper to some of them and edged them in either black or brown, added the pagoda images and then either a gem or brad. I am currently trying to decide what to do with all these inchies, whether to join an organised swap somewhere or just put them up for swap on the forum and see what happens. I also managed my scrapbook layout of this week loosely based on the latest PencilLines sketch (#97) and is entitled ‘An elegant birthday girl’. The photo is of my Mother at one of her many 60th Birthday parties and the journaling reads ‘Mother celebrated her 60th Birthday in style with an afternoon tea party, an elegant family dinner, lunch in the house of lords and a dinner party with friends. That’s the way to do it!’ The colour scheme was chosen to match the colours of her clothes and the white lettering on the black background added the feel of elegance to it. I would love to know what you think. Have a great weekend everyone. More soon,


Allison said...

great inchies, hope you feel better soon

Elaine said...

I love the colours you've chosen for this layout - very pretty - and they seem to suit your mum very well. Well done.