Friday, 22 August 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well the crazy week has continued somewhat. I have managed to mark both 80+ page MSc theses and have run three major experiments in the past two days as well as giving a mock viva and having numerous meetings. Thank goodness for the evenings of relief.
Alex has been great fun in the evenings. He has really got into playing with his bricks at the moment, emptying them all over the sitting room floor, trying to build towers..three high is his record, knocking my towers down, putting bricks into and out of their box and generally carrying them around. This evening was the first time the weather has been nice enough to go outside this week so he went for a quick run around the garden before bed and we played peek-a-boo in the wigwam.
Much of my free time has been spent researching my article on inchies...I need to finish it by the end of next week! However, I have managed to do a little crafting in the form of mounting my Oriental inchies into a frame. Surprisingly it took ages to get them all lined up. They look great framed as a little set and I am really pleased with them. Imagine how cool 100 inchies would look all together as an overall collage!
Anyone who knows me will know how much I hate sewing (I take all my mending down to Somerset to my Gran!), so imagine my surprise when I found myself responding to a friends challenge to make a fabric inchie. I found this really hard, but did come up with two designs onto a background of felt. Unfortunately the stitching is a bit all over the place so I am not sure I like them much, but you need to try things at least once. I don't know that I will ever make another one, but at least I can say I have tried now! Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone, lets hope there is some sun.


Peejay said...

Love the effect of the oriental inchies in the frame, and your fabric ones are really different.

Momiji said...

I love the oriental inchie collage...glad you liked the fabric inchies. they were fun to do...

LazyKay said...

I hope the magazine is paying you in ££££ for this article! Make sure they do if they ask you to do anything else.

Love that inchie collage - it really sets them off.

The sewing 'all over the place' for art, it doesn't have to be uniform and I think they look good.

Well done on completing all those work related tasks during the week as well as fitting in your crafting.

Hugs for Alex.


Allison said...

love those inchies they are great