Monday, 4 August 2008

A train of thought - ATC style

As a change from my usual posting about life with Alex and my own crafting projects I wanted to share something with you all. The ladies on the CM&PC forum have been involved in a ‘train of thought’ ATC swap whereby one person sends an ATC to another who takes inspiration from the one received to generate another ATC for the next person on the list and so on. This train has been going on for the past 11 months or so and has finally finished. I have collected a record of each ATC made and each person’s thoughts as to why they made what they did which is shown here for everyone to see what has been happening at each ‘station’ on this journey. Each person's inspiration is shown underneath the photo of the ATC that they received, and the ATC they made is below that...I hope that makes sense!

This first photo is of the original ATC made by LazyKay and sent to Barb Barb: I received ‘All roads lead to Rome’ and I thought, you can get to Rome by flying as well as by road.
Caro: Par Avion made me think of air mail and flying of butterflies. Angelswings2: I took inspiration from the French words meaning air mail and the butterfly. No surprise for people who know me well, butterflies are a favourite of mine, so I used the French word for butterfly 'Papillion' (this ATC opens out as well as shown in the two photos).
JulieH: Papillion is also a type of dog
3Katz: The dog inspired her to generate an ATC with a cute little dog in the centre
Gilligogs: the golden colour of the dog made me think of Cinderella’s golden carriage.
Lazy Kay: 'magic of childhood' because GG's Cinderella put me in mind of how magical things are for children and how they get really wrapped up in the fairy tales.
Piglet: the picture I used for my card I thought represented the magic of childhood well: dogs, flowers and the excitement of a child with a letter.
Craftymumof3: I received ‘cute as a button’. Whenever I see buttons I think of the Pearly Kings and Queens I used to see in London when we visited family on special occasions.
DarkFairy: When I first saw Frances lovely pearly King and Queen. I thought of my Ironing Lady who is a Pearly Princess. Then I got onto to thinking about the charity work the Pearlies do, and the old East end way- My Dad being a cockney- hence Pearls of Wisdom.
Bubbles: The ATC that I received was titled 'Pearls of Wisdom' my very first thought was 'wise' then came 'wise old owl' hence the picture on the ATC! Bubbles: The ATC that I received was titled 'Pearls of Wisdom' my very first thought was 'wise' then came 'wise old owl' hence the picture on the ATC! LAB: I rec'd the Wise old owl ATC which I associated straight away with wisdom and learning - Hence my ATC - The gold braiding struck a note of the orient - That's why I've also added some ribbons and used mainly orange and gold tones. Elvis: I took my inspration from the colours and the words of wisdom this ATC is called Life. Kayleigh: The one I was sent had a pretty lady stamped on it so I wanted to make an ATC with one on too. This was my first attempt at decoupage.
Isobel: I received the Elegant lady ATC from Kayleigh and the thing that came to mind was swans because they are beautiful and elegant birds. Michaela: I received a swan and said every time I see swans it reminds me of the ballet swan lake that we saw on telly a couple of years ago. I tried for ages to find a picture of ballet dancers dancing in swan lake but couldn't find any hence the stamped image of 3 ballet dancers instead.
McKeever: When I saw the ballet dancers I just thought they looked like little fairies. Sallybentham: When I got Mckeevers ATC of a fairy, I was going through some of my new cd's and saw the castle and thought well I'll make a fairy castle
Lonnie: I received a ATC that had a Castle on it and written upon it in small letters was the words Fairy Castle. Originally I had some vague idea about doing something about Germany (where there are so many Castles) but when I went to my local craft shop I found this fairy stamp that just SCREAMED Fairy Castle Fairy so I HAD to get it and that is what I have used. I hope you all enjoyed seeing how the train has developed. It has been great fun to see how we got from Rome to butterflies to dogs to childhood to wisdom to elegance to fairies and castles. This has been a fascinating journey and I look forward to the next one. More about my life and crafting later this week.


Sally Bentham said...

That is great Caro, It's surprising where something can start and finish completely different. Well done to everyone that took part. It was great to see all the different ATC's that we have all made.
Thanks for doing this Caro

LazyKay said...

WOW! Firtly Caro, THANK YOU for doing this it's really added interest to watching the train go from station to station and what great inspiration and variety has turned up.



Carole (aka Mewsli) said...

Gorgeous ... All the contributers have cleverly interpreted "the brief"
and you can "see" how the train of thought has gone from "station to station" .

Anonymous said...

Wow that is fascinating how one ATC links to the next, brilliant may just join next one . Thanks for that Caro.

Linda (kerrmiya)

craftymumof3 said...

Wow what a great train. Well done Caro for putting the train together.

Momiji said...

absolutely fascinating to see how it all developed..thank you for sharing that...

Lonnie said...

Fantastic I completely loved looking through them all (I was worried I would go back with the fairy but they are ALL so different)