Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Crazy week!

This is turning into one crazy week! Work is completely mad at the moment. I have three papers that are in preparation ready to submit for publication (hopefully soon) and I have a large review article which I am trying to write. I have to say I am finding the review article tricky as it is an update of something I wrote 4 years ago and I keep finding myself unintentionally plagiarising my own work! Daft, but there you have it. I also have two masters theses to mark and every time I sit down to mark or write I get interrupted by something. We also interviewed for the technicians post this week and there has been a bit of argy bargy from some of the unsuccessful candidates which hasn’t been easy. Hey ho! On a positive, while still slightly crazy note, I have been invited to write an article for an on-line crafting magazine on inchies! The magazine is Papercraft Junkies and is downloadable for free here. I was stunned and thrilled to be asked and I am very much enjoying the research that I have been doing for it. There are some simply incredible works of art that have been made on 1x1 inch canvases and it has been fun to find out what people do with them. Alex has been hilarious this week...he still thinks that making blowing nose noises is the funniest thing and he absolutely loves the theme music and cartoons of Monkey and Pigsy that are shown for the BBCs coverage of the Olympics. Whenever I watch it he can be found dancing and staring at the screen. He is starting to play more and more with his shape sorter and can easily get the square, hexagon and flower into place...the heart is more difficult and he gets a little frustrated with it after a while and just sticks it through the exit hole instead! We have had so much fun chasing round the house amid squeals of is just a shame that it has been so wet so he hasn’t had much time outside this week. He was better going off to nursery today, which was good, a bit quiet, but he didn’t cry which was an improvement. Apparently he didn’t cry all day, loved painting with rollerball paints and he was given his first well done sticker. I was very proud of him. While still recovering from my cold I have felt a bit do-less so it has been nice to have a project of researching inchies. While doing the research into what people do with their inchies I realised that a lot of people use them as embellishments for cards and came up with the idea of cutting a larger image into inchies and then mounting them onto a card as an embellishment. I have made a couple of cards like this and am pleased with the results. I would love to know what you think. More soon,


Momiji said...

like you I have been looking at what people do with inchies and they are quite versatile.... yours should arrive by tomorrow..hope you like them...

Momiji said...

just been checking out papercraft junkies...which issue is your article in?

tisjewel said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. Yep, the inchies craze came to being through one of the swaps I hosted a while back in the group Altered Art Obsession (AAO), originally the "100 squares" swap project. There was an article posted on it awhile back in Somerset Studio, Nov/Dec 07 issue, written by Angela Cartwright that contains more info and you can also research it through Chrysti's blog (I don't have the link handy). Best of luck! - Julie

LazyKay said...

Good luck with your publications - you are a clever girl! I'm sure you don't give yourself enough credit.

Love the photos.

The card you've made with the inchies is beautiful.


Caro said...

Momiji, my article isn't out yet...I am still researching it and writing it! Hopefully it will be in the next issue.