Monday, 30 July 2007

A busy day at home

Having neglected the housework for several days to make the most of the sun we decided that it was a day for catching up with things at home. Most notably we mowed the lawn making the garden look a whole lot better despite the weeds and grass in 4/5 flower beds! The path, patio, one flowerbed and the lawn now look as though the garden is cared for. I also put several washes on in preparation for our trip away this coming weekend and baked some extremely yummy white chocolate cookies. I couldn't resist showing you these photos of Alex taken during his bath today...he made such a mess splashing around happily and absolutely soaking Tim and me. He has grown so much in confidence that he was actually giggling at one point, and doesn't mind getting much of his face underwater. He also attempts to drink the bathwater, which isn't quite so good!
I also set myself a little challenge today, to do a scrapbook page using cream or white card as the background. This is not something I have ever done before, but am really pleased with the result. The centre is a montage of photos taken of Alex and his toys when he was about 4-6 weeks old and the decoration was done using stamps from the Clear choice range of baby stamps. This again took me way out of my comfort zone, but I am really pleased with the results. The title of the page is 'Play Time' and the journalling reads 'Alex's favourite toys when he was 4-8 weeks old consisted of the toys that hung down from his baby gym that he could hit and make move, the catterpiller on the side of his chair and his very soft rabbit which was the first toy he held'
I also had a treat today in the form of a lovely ATC from Barbara Williams from the CM&PC forum. I love the vintage feel to this card and think that the raffia really adds something different to the design.



Momiji said...

great layout using 'brights' there and I like the circular arrangement for a change...also lovely atc from barb...I have a nice one from her too...

LazyKay said...

Oh, LOVE those pictures of Alex in the bath - definitely a set for the album.

Has he been to the swimming baths yet? Looks like he'll enjoy it.

Great work going on here and love your atc too.