Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Isn't it lovely when...

...instead of waking to the sound of a baby crying you wake to the alarm and hear him gurgling happily in his crib. This is such a rare event for us that it was wonderful this morning. He greated us with a great big smile. Alex was also a star on our huge 2 hour shopping trip, not really complaining at all, only grizzling at one point before falling asleep in his baby bjorn.
The great treat for me today was buying a lever arch file which I spent the afternoon happily decorating to put all my lovely ATCs in. Once it was decorated I had a wonderful time sat on the floor next to Alex's baby gym while he was happily playing putting all my cards into categories and filing them in it. Fantastic. There are so many lovely pieces of artwork there from so many people that it is very special to look through them and to see them displayed properly.

On a similar note, I received a wonderful ATC today from Dawn Martindale from the CMPC forum entitled Mandala. This scan shows the lovely colouring, but doesn't clearly demonstrate that the mandala is actually decoupaged on three different levels with a big gem at the centre. It is a wonderful addition to my growing collection. Time for me to make some more I think!


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