Thursday, 26 July 2007

Seeing my Gran!

Gran and Alex sharing a nice cuddle and baby talk!Alex looking very comfortable in Aunty Jeans arms
Alex and Uncle Geoff sharing a smile.

Well the reason I didn't manage to post on here yesterday was because we spent a wonderful day at my Great Aunty Jean's house. At the age of 88 she lives on her own near Leicester and as my Gran (aged 82) was staying with her we decided to drive down to see them. It was also a useful exercise as it is the longest time Alex has ever been in the car. It took us 2 hours and he slept most of the way. We had a lovely time there with Alex entertaining the two ladies and my Uncle Geoff beautifully. We had brought his swinging chair with us so that he could sit in it over lunch and he was generally passed around and cuddled as well as having a nice kick around on the floor. As you can see, I couldn't let anyone escape without the obligatory photo of them cuddling Alex.

Today as the weather was miserable yet again, I spent time catching up on housework, playing with Alex and doing a bit of crafting. My brother turns 30 at the beginning of August and so I wanted to make him a card that was a bit special. He loves sailing and sailing boats, hence the picture which I decoupaged with a total of 6 layers so that the sails really look like they are billowing out. This is my first proper decoupaged card and I am really pleased with it.

I also managed to make F is for Flowers as part of my Alphabet for the CM&PC forum swap. This was fun to do and completes the next three letters for posting. The flowers are paper ones and add a lovely 3D effect to the card. Off to look after my son who is getting a bit fractious. More tomorrow,


LazyKay said...

F for flowers is lovely.

The ship in full sail is a piece of art and I'm sure your brother won't want to take it down, it needs a frame really.

Lovely pictures of Alex with his extended family. It's good for them to get to know one another and great additions to your album.


momiji said...

love the f for flowers and the are coming up with some bril stuff!