Friday, 27 July 2007

Crafting day!

Well it has been a lovely day today. The weather was a bit changeable so we dashed out to do the weekly shop in a lovely sunny patch between showers. Alex was so good, just watching everything that happened around him and then gently drifting off to sleep at the supermarket checkout. We also had a lovely short walk in the park to give us some fresh air. I then had a happy afternoon playing with Alex and making him giggle and giving him his bath which was hillarious. He is getting much more adventurous about bath times and was splashing and wriggling away like anything. While Alex played in the baby gym or slept in his swinging chair I managed to complete two scrapbook layouts of him, both of which were based on Pencil Line sketches from this month. This first one, entitled 'Walks' is Pencil Lines sketch #39 by Stephanie Howell which I adapted for a 12x12 format. It was a great way of using the two photos I have of me taking Alex out for walks when he was a week to 10 days old.
This second one is of the first time my brother, Andy, and his wife, Nel, came to meet Alex and is entitled 'Family'. At the time Nel was heavily pregnant with Daniel who was born 9 weeks after Alex and we looked forward to when the two cousins could meet each other. They had also recently seen a photo of Andy aged 1 years old and decided that Alex actually looked a lot like his uncle! The layout is adapted from Pencil Lines sketch #40 by Karia Dudley as I was able to adapt this sketch for use with the two 6x4 photos that I had. I love the rounded edges and curves in this design.
Today I also had a treat in the form of a lovely ATC from Rhea Bellamy from the CM&PC forum entitled 'Dream Dancer'. I love the way that the fairies wings and hair are made all sparkly with glitter. All in all today was a lovely successful day!



momiji said...

lovely scrapbook layouts but you have got the best subject in the world!!

LazyKay said...

That's a gorgeous ATC from Rhea.

Great scrapbook pages but my favourite is the bottom one, I like that wave across the page it has a really nice effect.