Sunday, 15 July 2007

Scrapbooking day

Yippee on two accounts. Firstly, that Tim and I managed to have a lovely romantic evening together last night with a special meal of steak in a mushroom, pepper and cream sauce served with chips and peas (especially for Tim) followed by a Caro special icecream sundae. We followed the meal with a movie and Alex slept beautifully for the whole evening which was wonderful. Secondly, I managed to do some scrapbooking today. For the first time in ages I managed to complete two layouts while sat on the floor next to Alex's baby gym, entertaining him with one hand and scraping with the other!
This first layout is the first one where I have used doodling. I have never really been inspired to try it until now, but it really seemed to lend itself to this layout. The background paper is a very dark blue mulberry paper (although in this photo it looks black) and hence the use of the blue mats on the photo. I wanted to lighten the actual picture slightly so used the dark yellow mat to match the sheets and to brighten the page a bit. The journalling reads 'Alex sleeping sweetly in his Moses basket, 6 days old'.
The second layout is of the first time Alex met Tim's parents and I was inspired by the MakingMemories Kids collection for my choice of colours, using 4 of the 6 co-ordinating paper designs. The journalling reads 'Alex met Granny and Grandpa Pete for the first time when he was 2 weeks old. He spent much of the time staring at and being cuddled by them.'. Comments welcome.



LazyKay said...

Well done Caro. Lovely pages. The top (darker) one isn't too easy to see on my screen because it's getting old and doesn't display well but I get the gist (tho it's a shame I can't see your doodles properly).

The second one looks lovely - a really bright page and grandma and grandpa look SO happy (as they should be).

I can't believe how Alex has grown! Yes, I know babies do that but he seems to have shot up (must be good stuff that milk - or is it the crafting?)

The shortbread looks yummy - I love it. I try not to make it because I keep eating it! (You know what I mean).

Pleased you enjoyed your evening out - it's nice to have some time to be a couple now and then.


lindschick said...

Fantastic layouts, really lovely. Your doddling is fab, mine alwasy ends up looking like a 2 year old did it!!

Alex is such a gorgeous baby and as LK says getting so big, he looks very alert and bright.

Evrae said...

Brilliant pages, the doodle layout is fantastic. Very brave of you to try. Happy and colourful grandpa & grandma page too. It is important that you and Tim have special time together, you can get lost in the role of Mummy & Daddy so easy and forget what you both love about each other. Never let it go as you will need it even more in the future, togetherness is what you need or cracks start appearing.

Anice said...

Great layouts! I especially love the colours on the second one. You've done a great job.

Caro said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments and for your words of wisdom!