Friday, 13 July 2007

What a cutie!

I have had a lovely day today playing with Alex. He was in such a fun mood, smiling and gurgling and 'chatting' away for most of the day. Unlike normal he only had two naps during today so this evening he is completely shattered! We played in his baby gym and had a great time and I just love these photos of him taken from lying on the floor beside him.
I also managed to do a little bit of crafting while he was sleeping and made a birthday card for my boss, Malcolm Reed, who turns 50 next week. He is a breast surgeon and loves all sports so I was going to use either of those as the theme for the card, but just couldn't get inspired. It ended up being another card along the dark colours that I am into at the moment for male cards. It was loosely based on a card I saw in Papercraft Inspirations and it seems to have worked well for this theme. Comments welcome!



suebaru said...

Caro!!!! We have all been wondering how you were!! None of us knew how to contact you as all emails were returned from your workplace :( Congratulations!Off to catch up on all your news now!

domestic goddess said...

yeah so pleased to have found you, congrats on baby alex

Beth said...

Wow, hiya Caro, so lovely to find you at last, lol. How have you been lovely? We have missed you, and like Sue says, have failed to contact you. Congratulation on Alex too, lovely little baby, so wish we had known when he had arrived in the beginning. Hope to catch up with you soon. XX

Caro said...

How great to hear from you lovely ladies...sorry I lost touch for a while...frantically finishing some essential projects at work before going on maternity leave and then having Alex meant that everything else took a backseat for a while, but I am now back! xxx