Thursday, 19 July 2007

Playing, crafting and housework!

It finally happened, our old vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost and refused to remove the dirt anymore so we had to get a new one. We ended up getting a Vax and it is so LOUD. Alex hated it and cried when we first switched it on so the housework took two of to hold Alex and one to do the actual hoovering. By the end of it Alex had adapted at least a bit. As the weather was sunny for once I took Alex out for a walk in the pram to the local park to give us both some fresh air. The rest of the day we spent playing in the sitting room which was lovely. He is so cuddly and entertaining.
I managed to do a little bit of crafting today, catching up on a few of many projects that I have on the go at the moment. I completed the stamping for a stamp swap that is on-going on the CM&PC forum and made two ATCs. The first one is a relatively simple one that I think is quite effective, a posie of flowers printed onto velum, cut out with deckle scissors, inked around the edge and attached to the background card with four red brads. Unfortunately the inking doesn't show up very clearly in this scan. The other card is part of an Alphabet swap that I am involved in and is entitled 'D is for Dinosaur'. The background card and card making up the letter were generated by me using Word and ClipArt images. The blue Dinosaur figure was scanned in from one of Alex's baby grows (!) and is stuck down using foam pads. I hope to do E tomorrow.
I also received a lovely ATC today from Angela Clerehugh, entitled 'Charlie'. It is a pair for one I received from her a while ago of a cat called 'Jaz'. Charlie is a blakc peel off that has been filled in with twinkling H2Os (I think) and it is a fantastic effect. I also love the colours that Angela has used for the background.

More tomorrow,


momiji said...

just love that dinosaur atc Caro! real original!

allotment lady said...

What a lovely lot of ATC's

I have been rather busy lately and not made one for weeks - I really must have a go

Alex is looking utterly gorgeous.