Tuesday, 31 July 2007

And more sun!

Yes, it has been beautifully sunny all day here today again. Yippee...the summer has finally arrived. We went out for another family walk today in one of the Sheffield parks. This walk is on a tarmac path through the woods by a stream and is lovely and flat, so great for Tim with his ME. We did a bit of shopping before the walk and by the time we got there Alex was asleep...the car sends him to sleep and it was his nap time anyway. He sleeps in the most amazing ways, often with one eye half open as this photo shows! He did wake up for the second half and burbled gently which was highly entertaining and lovely. The rest of the day was spent at home gardening (another flowerbed got weeded), washing, playing with Alex and doing a bit of crafting.
Yesterdays lovely bath pictures reminded me of the photos I took of Alex when he was 4 weeks old in the first bath he had that he didn't cry in. I printed them out a few weeks ago intending to scrapbook them and hadn't got round to it, so that was todays challenge. I am quite pleased with this layout...the card matches well with the colour of the baby bath, and the wavy lines represent water and there was room for some of the smaller photos of different poses in the bath. Although Alex doesn't look quite so happy, these photos were taken before he had learned to smile so I think they are a very accurate representation of him at the time.
I also received a lovely ATC today from Frances Gale in the form of a black cat which has been decoupaged beautifully. I love cats and am thrilled with this one, another great addition to my growing collection. More tomorrow,



Lazykay said...

Lovely ATC.

Alex is, as my Mum would say "growing like a weed".

Love that scrapbook page - I think I'm liking this wave theme - seems to soften the squareness of the pages somehow.


Momiji said...
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Momiji said...

lovely page again Caro!..wish scrapbooking was around when I had my children small as I think its best to scrapbook as you go....... I just have hundreds of photos so its hard knowing where to start really...

deleted and rewritten as I had repeated a phrase twice!!:)