Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Truly Original Artwork

It has been an at home day today mostly playing with and being entertained by Alex. He can be soo noisey! He chatters and gurgles away non-stop when he is by himself and giggles and smiles whenever either of us interact with him. It really is the greatest of fun to spend time with him. Today I also spent time doing some necessary things around the house, washing, bin emptying, cooking, cleaning etc. Sadly, although the weather was quite nice today we didn't get out for a walk as there was a lot to do. However, as the garden is slowly becoming pleasant to be in we did sit outside in the fresh air for some of it. I just had to show you this photo of Alex - I walked in on him when he was having a nap in his chair and found him asleep with his rabbit on his head!
Don't you just love well wrapped and decorated presents? I find it really special to receive a present that someone has taken time and care over the wrapping of and so spent some time today wrapping presents for my family for this weekend. I am really pleased with how well the ribbons turned out.
The title of this post stems from the fact that Alex and I shared a crafting time today as I painted his fingers and let him make a wonderful, truly original artistic mess on a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper in order for me to make this page, which was all about crafting with him. It was so much fun and he got so messy that I had to give him and bath in the sink afterwards. I am pleased with the resultant layout though, entitled 'Crafting'. I kept the actual design quite simple to let Alex's artwork and the picture speak for themselves. The journalling reads 'This photo is of Alex aged 8 weeks making Tim his first ever Father's Day card during Alex's first crafting session. The background design to this page was made when he was 16 weeks old, showing his artistic flair!'

I had a lovely treat in the post today in the form of this ATC from Doreen Collins (Momiji) from the CM&PC forum. It is called hidden message and the ribbon undoes to reveal a concertina book with a lovely message inside. Sadly, I am not as good at tying neat bows as her and so having opened the card it isn't looking as great as it did when she originally sent it to me! I love it and look forward to future swaps with her.





LazyKay said...

Did you scan the original art work before you used it?

What a great idea and you'll look fondly on this for many years to come.

It's such an exciting time when you have a little one, each day is a new adventure and discovery.

Yes, I DO love a well wrapped parcel and spend aaaaages on mine. My family laugh at me and say 'great wrapping, shame about the present' - I think they say it kindly though (or I hope they do).

In China, how you wrap the gift is part of the gift and making a special effort shows your respect for the recipient. There are lots of 'customs' surrounding how and in what a gift is wrapped and colours are specific to occasions.

Momiji said...

hi Caro....yes, it was a bit fiddly to tie but worth it! glad you liked it!
I love wrapping presents too and spend ages on them till they are just right.I love adding special touches .
guess thats why I love oriental so much as they are really into presentation too.
cute photo of Alex with the bunny..a special moment....

So Sonya said...

lovely blog here, I need to know how you curled the ribbon so well on those parcels lol