Thursday, 23 August 2007

The sun is out!

Whoopee! The sun was shining all day today and I made the most of it. Unfortunately since putting my back out on Monday gardening was out of the question, but Alex and I spent some time in the garden and we went out for a lovely family walk to Forge Dam. There is a playground and a duckpond there so we took some bread to feed the ducks. Alex wasn't very impressed with the ducks and spent more time watching the people around the pond rather than the ducks. We also decided to try him in a swing for the first time. He is really too little for it, but we were very careful and he really enjoyed it...big beaming smiles! I also decided that I would like to take him down the slide which was great (unfortunately the sun meant that you can't really see either of us in the picture. It was such a relief to get out into the fresh air and sun today.
Alex is coming on really well with eating solids...opening his mouth for the next spoonful and really swallowing it all down at a rate of knots. He ate a whole mashed up banana for lunch today and I made some carrott puree for tomorrow. He is also getting on a lot better with the training cup than he ever did with a normal bottle and today went for 6 hours without breast feeding. It is good to know that he and Tim will manage when I am at work.
I spent the little crafting time I had today playing around with the resist technique and have decided that it is very cool! I need some more inks though. Todays trials used the two oriental stamps that I have and two of the colours from the kaleidacolour rainbow dye inkpad. The first card has the fan stamped in gold and then subtly coloured with glitter gel pens.
This second ATC has the fan image stamped in black then stamped again in gold - I am not sure how well the scan captures this effect. I then added further embellishments of a hand drawn ying/yang symbol and gold brads and inked around the edge.
Continuing the oriental theme I received this lovely ATC today from Doreen Collins (Momiji) which I love. The metal embellishment and the colour scheme work really well. Thank you for such a lovely ATC to add to my collection. More tomorrow.


Momiji said...

glad you like the atc! I love what you have done with the resist technique..thats something I must try.

LazyKay said...

Lovely resist - something I've not completely mastered yet.