Thursday, 2 August 2007

Packing and Feet!

Well we are off on our long weekend holiday tomorrow and so today has been spent frantically running round trying to work out what we need to take with us. I don't think that Tim appreciated how much stuff is needed for a baby what with numerous changes of clothes, travel cot, bottles, sterilizer, toys, pram to name but a few. I think that we are fairly organised although I am anticipating the usual last minute chaos as we try to pack the car tomorrow morning. We are going to my parents which will be lovely as they haven't seen Alex since he was 5 days old. As well as that my brother and his family will be there and we haven't yet met our nephew, Daniel, who is 8 weeks old, so I am really excited! Alex has been so funny today...he has discovered his feet and spent much of the day sitting or lying doubled up playing with his own feet as these photos show. Sadly no real time or mojo for crafting today so nothing to show you. I doubt that I will get the opportunity to update while at my parents so this will be my last post for about 4-5 days. More when I get back. Have fun,

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allotment lady said...

Hope you had a great weekend